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3rd Jul 2010, 00:47
I think this is new:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview (http://cheatcc.com/xbox360/rev/deusexhumanrevolutionpreview.html)

For the most part, nothing we haven't heard before. But I did find this interesting:

One of the initial worries I had about the takedown system is that with many titles using the same handful of takedowns can get repetitive and take the immersion level way down. However, we were assured by several members of the development team that the takedowns would be dynamically created and would be created depending on several variables unique to each situation.

I don't remember reading that elsewhere. It should help make things more interesting.

3rd Jul 2010, 03:56
Hmm... But one could argue that whether or not the gaurds are aware of you, whether you're behind or not, and whether you're moving or not could constitute all those variables. I personally have high hopes for the takedowns (More of a dynamic melee, is what I'm hoping for) but I could see the above quote still not quelling fears for everyone.

Invictus Sol
3rd Jul 2010, 04:08
Aside from that one tidbit (good eye, CyberRook), that was the most mediocre and by-the-numbers review I've read, so far (referring to the writer, not the game). However, it's the third-person perspective switch that many members seem to hate (I'm still on the fence), not whether the scene is dynamically rendered and novel.

3rd Jul 2010, 04:21
Anything that's dynamically generated is a good thing in my book, but I'm still unsure about third-person takedowns. Nice that they're optional at any rate. If I don't like it, I'll just end up not doing it, simple as that. Mandatory cutscenes on the other hand...