View Full Version : suggestion Crew/Clan arcade game mode? for DLC perhapes

2nd Jul 2010, 14:02
I created this post as I feel party play will be a big part in this game. and the other game modes I feel are weighted towards the subversive game play quite well but co-operative game-play I feel could have an additional mode without to much trouble post release

I would like to see the addition of a crew/clan party based arcade mode.

similar to what you have in GRAW 2. where you can create a clan/crew and work through the progressive difficulty of the arcade as a unit with weekly and all time leaderboards with stats on:-
a) how many crew members took part.
b) highest round atained
c) total cash accumulated weekly and all time
d) number of civilians/police killed per round average
e) wether aim assist is on or off as part of the game rules.
f) clan/crew name after the player name.

The objective is to be the best crew. here are a few rules on which to base the game mode on. 4:00 timer stands and so does the 3 lives.
In order to become more co-op, traitors lose a life immediatly and if killed by hitman or team mates would result in another life (now 2 lives in a single round).

Thus effectively are removed from the session in the early rounds. at the start of the round host is migraeted to the person with most lives if possible incase traitors leave the session thus ending the game session.

Only one van leaves the scene so dashing ahead will leave your team mates stranded along with there money. this would be bad!

All player level data gained in multiplayer is reset to 1 at the start of this game mode. why you ask?
A:- Because this will effect the ranking through the succesive rounds dependent on the number of players you bring i.e 4 players crews have a higher risk and thus rank faster than 8 players crews. (the ranking though the levels is attributed to the cash accumlated) and thus better weapons will be gained by smaller crews earlier but at the expense of losing man power.

in essence is it better to take 4-5 great players or 8 moderates. thats for clan leaders to decide

Also the cash would be greater for each person since the split is smaller

in addition every one starts off at the same level making the leaderboard easier to compare with.

in addition party chat must be disabled only players alive can talk during the game mode and dead/spectating players could talk in the lobby or whilst watching the game this would prevent dead players telling alive players what is happening during the game. also you always get a good laugh watching the last alive player getting wasted whilst the others are talking in the spectator mode.

any futher comment or additions please add below.

the clan system maybe difficult to implement in this title but i am sure a work around system could be done on this game and that clan could be in the next game.


2nd Jul 2010, 15:07
So it's essentially Arcade Mode with a crew of friends and with seperate ranking up

I'd play it.

2nd Jul 2010, 16:09
and you can directly compare your crew against your other friends crew because it the total amount the gang accumulate / per player from a rank 1 position.

sorry i ammended this from the original post.
as i relealise that some crews may let one player kill them all at the end of the level so they are holding all the money on the leaderboard. naughty naughty! an avarage for the whole crew at the end of the round works better i think. be it dead or alive!