View Full Version : Two demo keys going..

2nd Jul 2010, 08:30
.. next two people who PM me asking nicely get 'em.

One is from ebgamesaus twitter and the other one from these forums.

I used a different Aus one to unlock a UK demo, worked fine.
When theyre gone theyre gone.
I accept no responsibility if they don't work, but I'm sure they will.

2nd Jul 2010, 09:36
I sent you a happy message.

Love from Bevacur.

2nd Jul 2010, 09:38
One gone.

2nd Jul 2010, 09:41

Bevacur you ought to be ashamed of yourself ! ...
Such behavior ...

2nd Jul 2010, 09:43
:D, You have no idea how happy i am!!! WOOOO! My life is worth living!!

Where do i put the code?

2nd Jul 2010, 09:48
You eat it dummy , that's how you get the Raw and Realistic Experience of Kane & Lynch ...

2nd Jul 2010, 09:49
Man....it's...just so chewy..and raw! The taste is just too....realistic...

2nd Jul 2010, 09:55
After cheewing that you can throw it up on Xbox Live or something (Account Management area) ...

2nd Jul 2010, 09:55
I just sent you a message. Geez, I've been coming here a while now, I thought I'd already registered, haha.

2nd Jul 2010, 10:09
Both gone now.
Real sorry to the guys who didnt get one, but theyre still sending out the ones from this site to people now so dont give up.

Mods can delete/lock this thread now if they want to :)