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1st Jul 2010, 20:35
Although this post is specifically pointed at the narrows corridor called the 'Flooded Corridor' With the Riddle saying something about something been left behind by a Mad Dog...i suppose i should also point out that on mutiple occasions i have had to alter the gravity setting on a temporary basis just to reach places were the grapple sign wont show up just so i can jump up there from ledges that give me leverage. I have a Legitimate copy of B:AA GOTY bought from Amazon...At first i had a strong feeling that because i used a no-cd crack that maybe that was the problem but scouting the internet for hours on end came up with no results on the matter and i also found out that people who had legit copies who used the cd were running into similar problems anyway. Reason i use no-cd cracks is because i like to keep my disks in mint condition, i tend to leave my disks in the tray going hot and getting damaged and i dont see the harm in using it so save disks i use from unfortunate accidents ehem...i also dont trust downloading games from steam or D2D and all that...i never did i always like a Physical purchase...its just how i role. All my other gadgets work perfect, gliding, hacking tool, fighting, EVERYTHING accept numerous grappling problems.

Anyway having said that and back onto the task at hand 'Flooded Corridor'...and this time altering gravity cant save me because i dont have anywere to jump so im at a loose end here. Im really enjoying this game dispite the odd Grapple problem here and there and to be stopped now is a terrible shame im literally cant move forwards without getting past here. It happened on the Second scarecrow nightmare and when i fell down an elevator shaft in the Medical place but those are the only two places as i remember correctly. Now my third problem which i cant escape from without some help from people who wont blatently call me a pirate because they have an IQ of a housefly and think that because a DRM is in place on this game that a bug and an official article explaining pirates getting owned is enough proof for them. Theres more than enough proof that people are having similar problems and they have picture proof of legitimate game boxes...some guy just to back himself up wrote on a peice of paper his forum name and the title of the post and sat it ontop of the cd case just so he could get everyone to believe him, he like me is having similar problems.

Im ranting..problem is after i get past a place called the 'Abandoned Cave' or something i come into a small narrow corridor called 'Flooded Corridor', i just up two ledges and see a vent right infront of me but its too high to climb up the walls and get to it and the grapple sign isnt showing up. If ANYONE can help me specifically Eidos god bless thier souls for a fantastic peice of game i would really appriciate it. Until then i cant do jack on Batman so please someone reply soon. Thanks everyone your legends...

1st Jul 2010, 21:24
Okay so i did some digging. People claim that unlocking a certain ammount of riddles unlocks areas/rooms...If i remember correctly when i went into the riddles section some of the riddles unlocked certain areas/rooms apparently and it isnt how many you collect but what specific riddles you collect which can unlock areas/rooms...im gonna play around and look for the rooms with riddles that unlock areas. Since posting i havnt played to find out if it works and its possibly my only chance. Il give it a try tomorrow when im not tired...if anyone else looks into this before me or already has an answer please post.

2nd Jul 2010, 09:55
Circumventing the copy protection is a bad idea - while you can use fairly simple hacks like gravity cheats to get past the early anti-piracy 'bugs', there are other ones that pop up once you get further in.

The DVD should not get damaged by sitting in the tray while you play. For the majority of the time it won't even be spinning. Short of letting the dog chew on it, there's no reason why it shouldn't last indefinitely.

My Dungeon Keeper II CD from many many years ago is still going strong, and I've given that at least 20 hours of play every year since I bought it. Actually...

[Off to play Dungeon Keeper II]

3rd Jul 2010, 17:28
If going into the batman files and changing the gravity counts as hacking then so be it but i never used any programs. Its just i felt forced to take those actions even though i didnt want to...i like to play games fairly as they should be...not counting oblivion as i cheated my money and used the no clip cheat in oblivion gates cuz they took forever to walk through but thats another story. However dispite having a legit copy it still wasnt letting me do anything. Reading posts before claim that the anti piracy DRM thing can trip even on those that have a legit copy and use the cd. They need to fix it or make it less sensitive? i dont know...

If my only problem is that its picking up the no-cd crack and that you assured me my disk is perfectly safe i might reinstall and use the disk...i can hope you understand that i fear for the safety and condition of my games...sounds sad and cheesy but there we go.

I see most games though come with a no cd feature and i just wish and wonder all games came with thats feature.

If no-cd cracks are the bane of my life il just stop using them then...