View Full Version : Cannot disarm the last rockets... Kills the game for me

1st Jul 2010, 14:14
Hey everyone,

I couldn't find the problem I am incurring, so sorry if this post is double...

Well, my problem is, that I can't finish the game. I cannot disarm the last 2 nuclear-bombs. When I am on them, I am able to disarm the first one. After jumping to the second or third one (doesn't matter), the hint "press E to ..." is not there. When I press "E" nothing happens. The "hacking"-window does not appear at all. On the first rocket it does without any problems.

I first encountered this problem at the "hell on wheels" - mission, where you have to disarm bombs on 3 driving vehicles. I was not able to disarm them, because I could not "use" them. But I noticed, that when the car crashed into another vehicle or object and became slower, the "E" for disarming suddenly appeared.

Well it seems it's the same bug, just in the last mission... which is pretty annoying. :mad2:

Do you have any solutions for that? As far as I've seen it, the patch, everyone's waiting for is still far away... :(

I tried that mission for about 800 times. Now I am finally heavily pissed off and I do regret having bought a game I cannot finish.

7th Jul 2010, 10:11
So is there no one here from Eidos support who could say something like... "sorry, that you have to face that problem, but it is a known bug on certain systems and we're about to solve it"....?!

Or the answer that would give you 10/10 points:
"That is a known bug, all you need to do is... [insert solution here]"

10th Jul 2010, 11:15
I remember this mission, this sounds dumb but have you tried to shoot the little guy before trying to disarm the bomb. I think you need to get in a headshot then he falls to his feet which then allows you to have a go at disarming the bomb.

10th Jul 2010, 11:46
Yes I did. You're also able to start disarming / hacking without having him shot down, but it would cancel as soon as you get hit.
But thanks for your idea :)

I can't even cancel the mission to create more chaos :(