View Full Version : I lost all my trophies!

30th Jun 2010, 16:46
So I just booted up Just Cause 2... it had been a while and I felt like just messing around. Upon loading up my file, I found it strange that I got a trophy "Halfway there" which is for completing 50%. So I check my trophy list and what do I see? It's at 1%! I even checked the trophies BEFORE booting up the game and I was definitely not at 1%.


So... is there any way I can restore them? I haven't synced up anything yet.

If it's worth mentioning, I did upgrade my HDD a few days ago but synced up my trophies just fine after. I've also played other games and the trophies are fine... this is the only problem I've noticed so far.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just did a resync after being reassured they'd be there and it worked!