View Full Version : GLITCH - How to get a Dual Hook crosshair while grappling

30th Jun 2010, 09:37
Harro eveybaddie,

OK, so everyone is glitch threads so why don't I make one?

OK here's the glitch, just watch the whole video and you'll see what I mean.


Hoped you liked it.

30th Jun 2010, 10:03
FYI, you can also get the Black Market "radiating" crosshair while driving a motorcycle or quad bike. Just press whatever button required to equip the Black Market signal device (it's down on the d-pad for console players), then enter the vehicle. I imagine this works for Tuk Tuks as well (or at least the Tuk Tuk Boom Boom) since I'm guessing it relates to whether or not you can fire a one-handed weapon while driving the vehicle.

- KD