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30th Jun 2010, 02:16
So, I bought Fort Zombie from D2D because it's on sale for real cheap right now. I'm having a load of fun with it, but there is no music. I am trying to make the perfect playlist to play the game with.

I'm not expecting anyone to have played it since it's not well known, and definitely is not something that would run for the "Best of..." of any category, but it's really freaking fun. And at $2.50, I'm so glad at I got it.

So, if you have it and have played it, or have a good idea of what to listen to while scavenging parts of a town for weapons and supplies to bring back to a fort, and fighting zombies along the way, then give me some good ideas!

Also, I play this for hours at a time, so I need a lot of songs.

The only thing I don't want really is metal. This really isn't a fast-paced, killkillkill sort of game. Otherwise some metal might be good, but not for this.

Playlist so far:


Cells - The Servant
I Never Knew You - Cage
34 Ghosts IV - Nine Inch Nails
6 Ghosts I - NIN
Panoramic - Atticus Ross/Book of Eli Soundtrack
The Pot - Tool
More Human Than Human - White Zombie
Vertigo - John 5
Jagged - Gary Numan
Layers - Kidney Thieves
Walking Dead - DJ Z-Trip Featuring Chester Bennington
Clean (Bare) - Depeche Mode
In The House In a Heartbeat - John Murphy/28 Days Later Soundtrack
Feeling Good - Muse
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
NiggyTardust - Saul Williams
WTF! - Saul Williams
mc chris is dead - mc chris
The Saints Are Coming - The Skids
Scary Movies - Eminem Ft. Royce Da 5-9
Sunshine - John Murphy/ Sunshine Soundtrack
Numb - Portishead
Psyche - Massive Attack
Your Hand In Mine - Explosions in the Sky
Doom 3 Theme - Chris Vrenna
Taking Tea In Dreamland - Chris Vrenna
Sober - Tool
[Word that I can't post] - Mindless Self Indulgence
Mastermind - Mindless Self Indulgence
Stupid [Words that I can't post] - Mindless Self Indulgence
Royally [Word I can't post] - Mindless Self Indulgence
[Word that I can't post] - Mindless Self Indulgence
Never Wanted to Dance - Mindless Self Indulgence
Time to Die - Chris Vrenna
Pandemonium - Chris Vrenna

Now, don't look at this playlist as stuff I listen to on a regular basis. I love most of these bands, but there are others I love more. This is just for zombie killing and such.

Here it is if you want to listen to it: http://www.playlist.com/playlist/20200033803

Also, if you have a playlist.com account then I might make it so you can add stuff to it. Help it along, ya know? Kinda would be cool for a Just Cause 2 playlist. Members of the forum who have a Playlist account could add stuff to it for other forum members to listen to while playing Just Cause 2...

30th Jun 2010, 03:50
Staind - Mudshovel
Breaking Benjamins - Polyamorous
Tool - Sober
Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand In Mine (not for the game really, I just think its hands down one of the most amazing pieces of music I have ever heard)

30th Jun 2010, 05:35
Oh, yeah! I totally forgot about Explosion in the Sky. I used to have a couple of their albums and then some.

Thanks for reminding me about them. My CD case is 3,000 miles away so I've been having a hard time remembering what I've got

30th Jun 2010, 16:49
Thats a long way away to have your CD case. :)

30th Jun 2010, 17:11
I left it in North Carolina :(

30th Jun 2010, 18:21
My Grandmother was from North Carolina, Raleigh specifically. Id ask why your 3,000 miles away from Carolina, but its really none of my business. Hopefully your able to get some of your music you left behind though. :)

30th Jun 2010, 21:12
Part of the story is in the Sammich thread :lol:

Huzzah, it is not advertising to link to a playlist. :O

30th Jun 2010, 21:47
Washington huh? All the way from North Carolina to Washington. There could only be two things that would make a man go that far, a job, or a woman. So?

30th Jun 2010, 21:49
Read on in that thread :P

30th Jun 2010, 22:21
You know whats funny is I had jumped into that thread right after you had finished talking about it. Ok so now I know you went to Carolina to snatch a girl who you had been long distance dating, from her crazy mother who brushes her couch that no one is allowed to sit on, and now your in Washington but you left your CD's back in Carolina. That about sum it up? The only part I'm confused on is, how does a guy from Washington meat a girl from North Carolina, and then gets her to move 3,000 miles away with him, just looking for some advise so I can improve my swagger and be a little bit more like Talidan the Man! :D

1st Jul 2010, 04:13
Yes, that is the gist of it.

And we met on Gaia Online, of all places, in early '04. So, we pretty much knew everything about each other when we finally met in person and things moved along very quickly. I could be a playa if I wanted though. I can read people very well, and can even make accurate predictions of relationships, right down to the week a couple might break up. My mom didn't seem to believe me, but 2 weeks ago I said what would happen with her and her girlfriend and how it would end. Two days ago it ended just as I said. She will never doubt me again!

Any more suggestions for music before this gets too off topic?

I am very confused. The playlist ended up having 37 songs on it and I was listening this morning, but I come back later and it's cut down to 22. I haven't seen what exactly is missing, but...it's annoying :\

1st Jul 2010, 04:27
But its the "Hanger", I thought we where allowed to go off topic. :)

Tool - Vicarious
Tool - Jambi
A Perfect Circle - Weak And Powerless
Radio City - The Hop
Interpol - Obstacle 1
Owl City - Fireflies
Drake - Forever
Sound Garden - Burden in My Hand
Chevelle - The Clincher
Chevelle - The Red
Chevelle - Vitamin R
Disturbed - Stupify

Don't know if those are all great for Zombie killing but there all pretty great :D

1st Jul 2010, 04:36
It's weird. Having an off-topic (off-topic from JC2) thread is okay, but going off topic in an off-topic thread seems to be frowned on by some mods. :\

At least in some forums. I don't think Driber would mind too much, but other mods might not.

You listen to a lot of modern rock/metal. I thought you was old. How old are you?

1st Jul 2010, 04:41
How old are you?

Um..... ok now your just going way off topic, and maybe breaking rule #36 or #24 or something like that, oh man, must change subject. :lol:

1st Jul 2010, 04:42
Don't make me use my magical internet knowledge to find out!

1st Jul 2010, 04:45
Don't make me use my magical internet knowledge to find out!

How does that work? And please be specific. :)

1st Jul 2010, 04:48
How does that work? And please be specific. :)

Pretty much scan over every post of yours for personal information and put it all into one mess of Rios-Info and put the pieces together.

It can be done!

but you could make it much easier :P

Also, have you heard I Never Knew You by Cage? I keep listening to it over and over...it's really good.

1st Jul 2010, 05:06
Pretty much scan over every post of yours for personal information and put it all into one mess of Rios-Info and put the pieces together.

It can be done!

but you could make it much easier :P

Also, have you heard I Never Knew You by Cage? I keep listening to it over and over...it's really good.

I tell you what I'll save you the trouble, cause your not gonna find anything, I don't give personal information out so your not going to find it anywhere, but I'll bend my own rule this one time. I just turned the decrepit old age of 35 last Sunday. Man even typing it makes me want to cry.

So I grew up listening to a lot of eighty's music which I'm a fan of, I went through a rap faze where it was Hip Hop and anything else sucked but when I was in my late teens early twenty's grunge became very popular and bands like Pearl Jam (still my favorite band of all time) and Nirvana, Sound Garden, Smashing Pumpkins, and others kind of changed my perception of rock music and I allowed myself to enjoy different types of music. My tastes run really varied now, everything from Country, which I grew up on because of my folks, to rap, and just about everything in between. Its not uncommon for me to be listening to Creedence Clearwater one minute and Death Cab For Cutie the next. There, now you know more about me then you really wanted to. :)

Theres just a lot of really good music out there. At last count I have just shy of two thousand mp3's. I don't think Ive heard that song before, I will definitely check it out.

1st Jul 2010, 06:40
I can give you all sorts of artists that you might not know. Call me a hipster, but I do know quite a bit of music that others don't usually know, but unlike the usual "hipster", I love it when other people listen to 'em.

Cage is one that I started to get into a couple years ago and then forgot about him, but he's starting to get popular so I was like "Oh yeah!" and now I've been listening to him again.

It's great to see someone else knows Explosions in the Sky though. I rarely find someone who does, but they've been getting more attention lately, it seems...

And 35 isn't all that old! Unless you've done absolutely nothing with your life. You better be somewhat successful, mister! >=(

1st Jul 2010, 18:42
You better be somewhat successful, mister! >=(

Yeah, somewhat. :D