View Full Version : Batman AA GOTY 1.1 Update (Steam)

30th Jun 2010, 01:33
Hey all,

So I installed this on my laptop and GFWL prompted for the 1.1 update, and installed it. Now, I've installed on my desktop, but GFWL wont prompt for the 1.1 update. The game still runs fine, but it runs v1.0. I tried downloading the patch update, but it doesn't recognize that the game is installed most likely because it is looking for the normal game path. Is there any way I can patch it manually, or force GFWL to recognize that it needs to be updated?

I've tried reinstalling through Steam, as well as trying the patch posted on the sticky in the forum, neither was successful. After reinstall, I'm still on v1.0 and GFWL does not prompt me to update the game.

30th Jun 2010, 09:17
The 1.0 version of the GOTY edition already has all the fixes in it. Nothing to update. :)

30th Jun 2010, 12:05
Thanks. I'm thinking now it was just a GFWL update.