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30th Jun 2010, 00:44
On behalf of myself and many Deus Ex fans, I would like to personally thank you for your hard work and dedication in bringing another installment of our beloved series fully realized into our lives. It's rare when a work of art can create a world so immersive, as DX and IW have, that participants wish to never leave. With great enthusiam, I look forward to exploring the world you have created and learning all its secrets. Release day cannot get here soon enough. I wish you good luck and Godspeed in your endeavor.


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This thread is for those who wish to thank EM for DX:HR.
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30th Jun 2010, 00:49
*sheds tear*

so EM is the pitcher, and you're the catcher, yeah?

30th Jun 2010, 02:08
Yeah EM is doing us a solid, they could have stuck with some brand name that did not have a far to vocal extremely negative fan base.

but they bit the bullet and are clearly doing their best. i'm really looking forward to trying this game out.

30th Jun 2010, 06:41
On behalf of myself and many Deus Ex fans, I would like to personally thank you for your hard work and dedication in bringing another installment of our beloved series fully realized into our lives. It's rare when a work of art can create a world so immersive, as DX and IW have, that participants wish to never leave. With great enthusiam, I look forward to exploring the world you have created and learning all its secrets. Release day cannot get here soon enough. I wish you good luck and Godspeed in your endeavor.

I would like to join you in the sentiment. Thanks EM. :flowers:

PS. To all others, I deleted OT posts.

30th Jun 2010, 08:25
Thank you Eidos I love you!

30th Jun 2010, 08:43
I already said this before, but thanks for everything EM =), I can't be any happier that DX3 is being made.

30th Jun 2010, 10:38
Eh, I don't agree with the sentiment, but this is a much better way of disagreeing with people's criticisms than starting yet another "Why are you people complaining?" thread, so way to go OP.

Personally, I'll say thanks to EM once the game is out, and only if it's good enough to justify a) using the brand name and b) EM not selling the rights back to Warren Spector when he asked - not before.

30th Jun 2010, 13:00
I just registered to say Thank You for uploading the outstanding and epic E3 Trailer Soundtrack. It's nice to know that fans still have something to say :).

EDIT:oh yeah... i forgot to thank the master of music... Michael McCann for composing this beauty ;). Cheers

deus ex
3rd Jul 2010, 15:59
i would just like to say thankyou to eidos montreal for resurrecting the deus ex franchise and would like to say well done on what looks like a brilliant job so far from the leaked gameplay.
i have not posted on here before and the e3 trailer made me join and then saw the leaked gameplay footage.
i would like to say well done and thankyou to square enix too for a brilliant trailer.
Thankyou square enix and thankyou eidos montreal.

7th Jul 2010, 16:08
Thank you Eidos for bringing back one of my favorite franchises!

I am one of the people who DO like the 'changes'. Even love the 'changes', Though I don't see them as such.

So please don't worry about some people who may not like what you are doing with this game.
Be confident and deliver us a product which will be remembered and played for a long time : D


28th Aug 2011, 22:31
I created this account to express my sincere gratitude to the developers.

When I first heard about another Deus Ex game way back, I was overjoyed and anxious at the same time. This was a time when the shift in gaming was happening, and PC was no longer the lead platform for games.

I was hoping Deus Ex Human Revolution would not be another console port for the PC, with limited options, bad controls, poor graphics and watered down gameplay.

I am elated to say that my $59.99 was not wasted.

I especially want to thank the developers for giving players the option to enable/disable a lot of gameplay options. I can't imagine why other developers won't do this.

Very simple things can ruin a gameplay experience for me. Like glowing objects, constant reminders about objectives, not giving me freedom to explore the level at my own pace, on screen prompts which interrupt my gameplay experience and so on. Giving me the option to change these things was a huge relief.

I will support your product, and any DLC you release in the future, provided you treat the simple wishes of PC gamers with respect.

THANK YOU! This was exactly what I was waiting for.

1st Sep 2011, 16:15

Thank you.

1st Sep 2011, 16:25
Hyperbole much?

1st Sep 2011, 16:26
Look into your heart, you know my statement to be true.

1st Sep 2011, 16:30
Look into your heart, you know my statement to be true.

No, I really, really don't. It's a great game, Eidos Montreal have done a very good job and should be proud, but to claim they've "saved gaming" is wild hyperbole.

Agent Denton
1st Sep 2011, 16:53
Glad I can sleep easy knowing I will not have contributed to the MW3 madness.......

1st Sep 2011, 17:22
ah yes now i know who to worship. lol

1st Sep 2011, 19:27
The game is amazing and I thank the Dev team, but to say they saved gamed would mean this game outsells every other game this year, and will set a new standard for future games. Games will be less lineair, will be complex at it's core, but easy to approach. MW3 and GoW3 will flop because people are tired of these games, etcetera. That's when you could say they saved gaming :p

The funny thing is: the first Deus Ex didn't even set the standard for other games. There were multiple games that are in some ways similair to Deus Ex, but didn't even come close to the quality of Deus Ex, we all know that. Maybe Vampires: TMB but that's it.

1st Sep 2011, 19:32
I'll agree with the OP.

DX:HR is the first game I've really enjoyed in probably 5 years. They don't make games like this any more :(

1st Sep 2011, 19:40
Glad I can sleep easy knowing I will not have contributed to the MW3 madness.......

Paraphrasing Total Biscuit:
"MW3 is aimed at eleven-year-olds."

The boy has wisdom beyond his years.

1st Sep 2011, 20:01
I don´t know about saving, but they proven that they are a talented bunch, that for sure. I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. They deserve all the acolades that they get. Here´s hoping that continue strong.

2nd Sep 2011, 03:46
Paraphrasing Total Biscuit:
"MW3 is aimed at eleven-year-olds."

The boy has wisdom beyond his years.

I hadn't known he was 27 until your comment. I always thought he looked 40. That makes him younger than me. :eek:

But on-topic - If they can reiterate and improve on the DX franchise, then they WILL be the team that saved gaming. DX:HR is a step in the right direction, but they have a long, slippery slope ahead of them - and a high, high standard to meet.

2nd Sep 2011, 06:24
By the way, I didn't make that image but I took it off /v/.

2nd Sep 2011, 22:22
Guys I just wanted to say I loved the game, I've played it with its full potential and it's awesome, incredible, I love the story and the game was very fun. I hope we'll see the Deus Ex 4.....

Thank you for the entire team that worked on that game. It's excellent and I have nothing to say
Well, next time put a little more CyberBoost as my 4 cells was all the time empty.

Thank you again, the game is the best ACTION/RPG game ever.

3rd Sep 2011, 00:13

Indeed! I'd have to say myself that this is probably my favorite of the Deus Ex series. The details, the graphics, the storyline, the voice acting, the music and most importantly the gameplay... everything came together so damn well. Eidos definitely deserves any kudos that comes their way for this one. :D

3rd Sep 2011, 01:31
i agree completely with both of you! this game is unlike anything i ever played before. eidos is my new favorite developer.

3rd Sep 2011, 08:10
Registered on here so I could say thank you Eidos Montreal for not only making an amazing game but also staying true to what made Deus Ex special. Just finished the game, and although there were some flaws (don't all games in some form?), it triumphed where it mattered most. This thread should be stickied as I'm sure there are many other people out there that feel the same way.

3rd Sep 2011, 14:12
I agree Eidos montreal have done a good if not for the most part excellent job of bringing this series back to life.
while managing to recreate the feel/ atmosphere of the original game. enjoyed every hour spent on my 1st playthru and ready to start again with new augs or no augs at all for a harder challenge.

deus hr feels and plays like a game a proper game. not like some others that are games that want to be movies. main story arc is good apart from some unfinished side stories and main character megans untold/ unfinished story?
ART / Level Design / Iconography / Hub route planning/ Music/ and Atmosphere/ are so well done to create and maintain immersion in a believable future world. (Good Points).

Not so (good points)
the start of chapter or episode 2 were you land on the roof of a building and the first people you meet are a now freindly gang selling you weapons. After you had just spent the previous mission avoiding or fighting the gangs just did not make sense or seem to fit into the story? this was the only major break in the plot that didnt fit in for me.

Sound in the cgi cutscenes/ was a least 2 levels higher than the main games audio thruout the game forcing me to adjust my surround sound on more than 1 occasion. I realise they were by different studios departments but sound couldve done with a master mix to get the volume the same level ingame and in cutscenes.

Cutscenes starting too soon after entry to an area.kept immersion ingame better when the ingame engine was used for cutscenes. ingame engine was a smoother transition than the cgi cutscenes.

3rd Sep 2011, 14:35
Graphics could have done with an extra layer of paint.

but overall the graphics added something to the feel of the game rather than having that modern polished hd everything looks shiny and new graphic. they added a retro feel to the game while at the same time if you actually look around at how much detail is on show and objects are in the world i think it wouldve been pushing it too exspect much more. graphic loss is most noticeable in the panachea hub mainly the outside area. gave the feeling that this area was actually built earlier than the others even tho its the last main area in the game.

Missing options / that could possibly be added post release are /Game Plus /Expert difficulty or higher/
Weapons stash/ Stats screen/Movie viewer.

Congratulations/ Eidos Montreal Team on a great job well done Deus Ex HR is a True sequel to the original.

PS cant wait for the dlc and or the other hubs.

4th Sep 2011, 12:57
Don't you die on me!

4th Sep 2011, 13:55
thanks for another fps/rpg EM!

4th Sep 2011, 19:06
DX:HR is a good game, but it still falls far short of the awesomeness that the original Deus Ex had.

4th Sep 2011, 19:11
some great games out this year. DXHR is one, but TW2 was great and so was Portal 2. True there were some epic fails too. DNF and Brink come to mind. I haven't played Fear 2 yet.

4th Sep 2011, 19:13

Cool, the Sims must be the best gameseries ever then.

Let me say right now, that the Sims is really ****ing awesome. Those who call it casual have not truly tried out all the architectural tools in that game.

Also, the face of Eidos Montreal has both dwarven AND eldar tattoos. Nobody is surprised that he would save he world.

4th Sep 2011, 19:16
In order to save gaming not only should Human Revolution raise the bar, but inspire the rest of the industry to keep raising it.
It does neither. Good game though.

4th Sep 2011, 20:40
I think Eidos is a pretty cool guy. They makes good game and doesn't afraid of anything.

4th Sep 2011, 21:36
Eidos Montreal - on behalf of most DX:HR players, I'd like to stand up and applaud you.

I'm on my second playthrough, and I have to say - you got it right.
You've managed to do the seemingly impossible - stand up and create a sequel that respects the original and dares to treat is as an equal.
You've managed to awe hardcore Deus Ex fans who were unable to even dream of an equally beautiful game.
You've managed to attract new players who are new to Deus Ex universe by offering a fun, attractive entry point.
You've managed to create a storyline that truly makes people pause, think, read, analyze and dig deep inside themselves for an answer.
You've managed to create a beautiful work of art, I dare say - a masterpiece of digital entertainment, mostly by devoting yourself to a goal of achieving an incredible level of detail, where no corners were cut, no shortcuts were taken.

While there are things that can possibly be improved, and I see you are with us on this, I understand that reality does not hold perfection, and paraphrasing the game itself, I can say: "It's not perfection, but you can see it from here."

So I salute you, Eidos Montreal team, for you have created a work of art that will remain in the hearts of millions of people through generations, in a way that original DX did.

From a die-hard Deus Ex fan - THANK YOU.


PS: if you agree with this, please <sign> below, and let them know that we appreciate the work they've put into this.

4th Sep 2011, 21:44
i agree with every thing you just said.

4th Sep 2011, 21:44

and applause of course


4th Sep 2011, 22:01
you, I agree. If you want to show someone who's not a gamer an example of whats best in gaming, DXHR is now pick! If only it had some better npc textures...

5th Sep 2011, 01:41
I agree with the OP. Just finished my third run. I don't usually replay games, but looks like DEHR is a strong exception.
No game is perfect, but Human Revolution absolutely surpassed all my expectations. I consider it a better game overall than the original. Amazing job, Eidos Montreal.

5th Sep 2011, 04:41
P.S. When is the next Deus Ex coming out?

For their own sake, I hope they're already working on DX4.
Otherwise, I just might start a riot at their HQ, thankfully they don't have milbots patrolling... do they? What year is this again?

5th Sep 2011, 04:57
GOTY so far.

5th Sep 2011, 08:37
Thank you EM for bringing us DX:HR!

5th Sep 2011, 19:08
Thank you for resurecting one of my favorite game so far in my 25 years of gaming experience !

You guys are heroes and the guy who made the music is now one of my new demigods : I couldn't think it was possible to do better than the first game and he did...

GOTY will be a fierce battle with TW2 !

5th Sep 2011, 20:11
i just finished DXHR and wow!!! what a ride!! its a fantastic game!! def one of the best i have played!! :)

thank you very much EM!!

5th Sep 2011, 22:42
but they bit the bullet and are clearly doing their best. i'm really looking forward to trying this game out

I fear for the day they will do their worse. :lol:

Sorry couldn't resist. :D

DX:HR is a step in the right direction, but they have a long, slippery slope ahead of them - and a high, high standard to meet.

Amen. :worship:

Wish I could be this... reasonable. ;)

6th Sep 2011, 04:00
Yes, thank you for a job well done. Well deserving of the name "Deus Ex". Probably one of my top 5 games ever.

6th Sep 2011, 09:17
Thanks Eidos Montreal, after watching DVD, looking at the art book and then playing the game I waited so long for, you guys really took your time in creating an Artistic and ambitious title.

6th Sep 2011, 11:58
You know, at times playing this - I found myself 'lost' in your world.

A real achivement here - congratulations and well done to all!

6th Sep 2011, 20:31
I'd like to just say thankyou to producers and designers, everyone who played a part in the creation of human revolution.

And i just want to say, i understand the hidden meaning, the symbolism, the numerology, the hidden references, the character references, the name references, emails/logs/ebooks everything. It pleases me greatly to see this kind of open information.

The effort you put in to create such a deep, well hidden, yet enjoyable storyline has absolutely amazed me.

I am very excited for the new content for obvious reasons.


13th Sep 2011, 23:22
Thank you to the whole crew for giving us such an awesome thought provoking game to play

loved every second of it, seriously well done. Its the best first person I've ever played (15+). Not for technical reasons (which it scored highly on) but just for story, brilliant, just brilliant. Bravo!

Very sincerely


13th Sep 2011, 23:46
Indeed, the team deserves a lot of credit for making a title such as this one.

loved every second of it, seriously well done. Its the best first person I've ever played (15+).

But what do you mean by the "(15+)" in your message?

13th Sep 2011, 23:52
years playing fps

15th Sep 2011, 22:08

Ok, before I begin, I'd like to say I haven't played DE1 yet, but plan on doing so. By admitting this, my situation is now probably like showing up naked to a bomb defusal job. Yes, someone will undoubtedly play the 'you don't know what you're talking about yet' card.

So, to start - thank you for Deus Ex. In this humble gamer's opinion, I became involved with the story - cracking prologue and some good character development for the main cast (not mentioning the bosses :whistle: )- Adam clearly is a man unhappy with his new gifts and you feel for him when he gets home, reads about his dog, see his obsession with clocks and smashed mirrors. I played for the story and was rewarded - can't say I was overly chuffed with the endings available - I guess I only will be if there's a (prequel)sequel so I can figure out which one is canon.
I had enough choice and dialogue to give me a measure of freedom other than the usual 'this is an evil response' and this a 'good response', and most of them had little outcomes only really apparent much further down the line. The stealth element was also great (I'm generally a thief-fan so non lethal take-downs and no alarms is the way I go!) Some things you got wrong - nothing is ever perfect, but I'm chuffed with where my £30 went on this game!

I've despairing of why the Deus ex devs are trampling over the basic tenets of DX1 and how we should fear what comes next. As a massive fan of thief, their next project is something I'm invested in but I'm not worried - I think they've captured enough of the game to make it enjoyable and loyal to the source material that I'm looking forward to how they handle thief.
(Though please, make it Thief 4, and quit with the l33t scr1pt kiddi3: thi4f. It is currently known as thfourief to me.)

Feel free to punch me if i'm wrong, but the problem with both franchises was timing and the console. (NOT THE FACE!)

Ok, hear me out; Timing: Not going further back for the sake of length, but DE1,2 and Thief 3 were developed at Ion Storm Austin, the good half of Ion Storm Dallas. The .com bubble, Romero etc were all key in Eidos' downfall and lack of money poured into the projects - they weren't bad sellers, but not enough to save the publisher and, in turn, developer.
Console: Xbox and PS2 were coming out which meant shorter dev cycles for an immature (in both senses of the word) market where it was taken for granted that to make a universally successful game, you had to crowbar players to areas - hence why thief 3 had no swimming for example so you couldn't go off and explore.

That said, the new DE seems to have a winning combo of good gameplay and RPG elements, so maybe it's not all doom and gloom. I have no illusion that thief 4 will be a PC-led game, but if they maintain this sort of quality, perhaps it won't be as noticeable or take away from the spirit of the game. The bottom line is that to keep the story going, developers have to appeal to an audience, not just a minute few of hardcore fans. DE looks certain to have a sequel in the future because of it's success and I don't mind that elements may also be tweaked in thief, as long as I can see my old friend again and continue his story.

*hides behind the couch*

15th Sep 2011, 22:15
*hides behind the couch*

and put some damn clothes on, you have a bomb to defuse


16th Sep 2011, 12:06
Just wanted to thank everyone on the Eidos Montreal team for doing such an awesome job making this game. I also want to extend another special little thank you to the programmers who worked on the last patch to fix the stuttering bugs. The game is a great experience and I'm loving it.

Thats unpossible
16th Sep 2011, 16:25
I also want to say my thanks to EM for making a game for me - I played and loved DX when it first came out

I'm not looking for perfection in a game (such a thing doesn't exist), just a good standard.

And I also want to add that I did notice a lot of the little things that made HR atmospheric, like the choice of books titles, desk fans, roombas, the plausability of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene), etc, just to name a few.

29th Sep 2011, 23:11
Whether or not the developers actually read this forum, I just wanted to say:

This game was the ****. Ya'll did a fantastic job and as a long time fan of the series and the original Deus Ex game on PC, I'm glad that DX:HR did the original game justice.

PS. The end credits were awesome! Hahaha the old 16-bit theme gave me chills. lol

TL;DR Thank You Eidos Montreal

1st Oct 2011, 14:05
Dear Eidos and community

Thank you for making a deus ex sequel that met with my unusually high gaming standards. I am equally gratified and impressed with the .... "feel" .... for the game that was succesfully managed to be put into the game (although experience comes closer than game).

A whopping 90% of the game was very pleasing. 10% was not. Just like the first part. You couldn't ask for more (especially for hardcore followers of 80-20)

Thank you for the work, dedication and effort.

Regards, and signing out!


1st Oct 2011, 15:02
So kind and sweet :)

2nd Oct 2011, 00:26
I cannot thank you enough Eidos-Montreal, I've been waiting for this game since the original and you delivered. 11 long years of anticipating a successor to Deus Ex and you truly made the wait worth it. There were so many instances, on a rooftop in Heng Sha or overlooking a multi-tiered office where I looked at my item-belt and thought 'Wow, this couldn't be more 'Deus Ex''. I hope the game has sold and continues to sell well enough to give you a measure of independence and greater resources, you've already surpassed the original in many respects and I can only hope any sequel builds upon this achievement.

I already can't wait for Thief 4, let alone Deus Ex 4.

2nd Oct 2011, 01:20
After finishing my second playthrough, I want to express my thanks for:

a) aggravating the "Leafs nation" (see Picus passwords)
b) ensuring the PC version was treated as a first-class citizen
c) producing a game that refreshed DX, while retaining much of what was great about it (boss fights excepted)

2nd Oct 2011, 02:42
I played Deus Ex Human Revolution too. I thought was good. Thank you Eidos Montréal, you be fine developers of video game and augmented animal porn.

2nd Oct 2011, 03:22
I know I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Eidos Montreal, you made such an amazing game, bringing back a game that I thought could never be made again in today's gaming environment. Yet, it has been brought back and is making a comeback. You all did the original game proud and even trumped it in some ways. The art direction in it in particular is amazing. I could only hope that one day I would be able to join a team like Eidos Montreal and create something spectacular.

3rd Oct 2011, 08:06
I have been fan of the game right from the time i bought 2 in one pack - deus ex 1 and thief 2 metal age - 10 years ago and I too would like to thank EIDOS for this and even more so for treating the platforms with equality i.e that they havent made the DLC as platform exclusive which is unlike those bastards at capcom japan who made 2 chapters of Resident evil 5 exclusive to Consoles which is very damaging to their PR with the PC gaming community

3rd Oct 2011, 17:19
Merci beaucoup for this wonderfull game, you managed to make me cry at "the ends" of the game :o
Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm making this game !
Bravo to the 107 employees at Eidos Montreal.
Keep up your creativity !


Joël from France.:flowers:

3rd Oct 2011, 19:57
So kind and sweet. :]

16th Oct 2011, 17:19
I just finished Deus Ex:Human Revolution.

I simply want to say, to you developers, Eidos, and all the people which created this gem: thank you.

29th Nov 2011, 23:58
To the team, I just registered to say thanks for making such a good game in the DX world. After DX2, which I really tried to like despite its faults, and had to give up on because a bug killed my playthrough, I was dubious that the series could be rescued. But I am glad I convinced myself to try, because you have done an outstanding job of re-creating the feel of the original, so much so that I think it is in many ways superior to DX. The hacking, the dialogue, the sneaking around and cowboy style shooting around corners, the brutal takedowns... all of it perfectly fits the tense feeling of power combined with vulnerability originally evoked by DX1

I've become very jaded and burnt out with games these days, its rare that I can find a game like this that genuinely scratches my itches. I have myself to blame for that, being a sort of backseat game designer, but once in a while someone is on my wavelength.


Now do System Shock 3 ;P

1st Dec 2011, 03:43
I bought the first Deus Ex a couple years ago. Never got around to playing it until months before Human Revolution was released.
Oh, where has this game been all my life? It's nearly perfect in every way.

Thank you Eidos for bringing that experience to the next-generation. SO glad it wasn't another Invisible War.

17th Dec 2011, 10:39
Kudos, Eidos.

Big, big thanx.

17th Dec 2011, 11:08
Really thanks Eidos Montreal for make such a good game better thant anyone that I see this year. :) here is my way to say thanks:

http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/9186/thankseidos.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/97/thankseidos.png/)

17th Dec 2011, 15:40
Backwards hand. Nice. The future really is full of possibilities.

17th Dec 2011, 18:14
Backwards hand. Nice. The future really is full of possibilities.


20th Dec 2011, 19:32
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is better than most of the releases this year, and yes, that includes Skyrim.

Please make more.

21st Dec 2011, 03:51
If i hadn't already said it yet, I do it now.
Thank You for such a fine game.
Now won't you please go and make a sequel?

(on a side note: i'm looking for to Tomb Raider re-boot), Hitman not so much, but Tomb Raider--hell yea!.

22nd Dec 2011, 20:14
This should still be GOTY

22nd Dec 2011, 21:25
I am also under the spell of this game. Deus Ex 3: HR returned faith in me that games in this modern times can have open gameplay and be like old good Thiefs or old Deus Ex 1. I mean, you not only focus on pressing one button around nice graphic here. Thank you people for games with soul. I am wating with more optymistic mood for Thief 4 and new Tomb Raider.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is definitly the best game in 2011.

23rd Dec 2011, 00:35
Rumor has it Thief 4 is a Kart Racer and Tomb Raider is a QTE movie as like that new god-awful Jurassic Park game.

1st Jan 2012, 10:12
This should still be GOTY It certainly is mine.

Skyrim is remarkably immersive, but none of it so beautiful or poignant as what was crafted for Human Revolution.

2nd Jan 2012, 22:28
Alright I've been away from these forums for a while but I've gotta join the choir on this one: in the five months since its release I've replayed Human Revolution 4 times. This is utterly insane for me as I usually only do one or maybe two replays for most games (hell I've only played through Skyrim once). What is even more amazing is that I'm getting the urge to start a 5th playthrough. Before the launch of the game I had my doubts even given the great preview/beta opinions (also huge props on how well you handled the beta leak guys unlike some other devs *cough* Bioware *cough*). At most I thought HR would be a great game, far better than Invisible War, but nowhere near as good as Deus Ex. Guess what? Now I actually think Human Revolutuin is actually better than DX1. Such atmosphere, gameplay, story and oh my GOD the music. If it wasn't for Dark Souls I'd say HR is my definative GOTY...well it sorta is actually given that DkS is actually my GOTG rather than GOTY.

So if any of you fine folks at EM are reading this I'd like to say what has already been said a thousand times: thank you guys so damn much for the passion and hard work you put into Human Revolutions. I can't wait to see what you'll offer to us with Thief 4.