View Full Version : Grand Theft Auto 4 is 4.99 on Steam

29th Jun 2010, 21:03
Just a heads up, GTA4 is going for 4.99 right now on Steam. I'd definitely grab this one if you've got a PC that can run it.

also something to keep an eye on... Street Fighter IV is going for 9.99 right now, if that's your thing.

Sale ends in about 20 hours.

29th Jun 2010, 21:11
And i was so optimistic i thought you were already playing this ... GODDAMN IT KENT ! ... Just what the hell have you been doing since the end of March ? ...

29th Jun 2010, 23:05
My lawyer has just advised me not to answer that.

29th Jun 2010, 23:08
My lawyer also told me to plead guilty despite the fact that my wife completely ruined my reputation , so i say **** them lawyers ...

I'm the best lawyer in this world anywya , i save the dead men from death row ...