View Full Version : BAA GOTY Crashes Randomly

29th Jun 2010, 19:08
I recently purchased BAA GOTY from Steam. I ran the game and it worked fine up until the point where I had to break vents, the game would freeze, black screen, then come back. I thought I could deal with this but as the game progressed objects on the screen started flickering and then there were pixel stretches that ran across the entire screen.

I then reinstalled because that fixes many problems and I hadn't gotten that far into the game. Then I start playing its all good then it starts to freeze up again and the objects start flickering again, so I look online and I read somewhere that turning off AA would fix this. It did fix it and I resumed playing the game.

Then the game crashes and I get the Windows 7 version of it encountering a problem, and that is followed by a General Protection Fault. I decide to look online and then I read that something had gone wrong with the patching when G4WL was downloading, but no error message came up for me while it was updating. I start up the game and see that its V1.0 instead of V1.1 like it should be from what I read online.

I find the patch online, download it, and I run the setup only for it to tell me "Batman Arkham Asylum has not been installed or couldn't be found. This update installer will now quit."

Haven't been able to enjoy the game for about 3 days now, does anyone have any sort of idea how to fix this?


AMD Phenom 9750 2.4 GHz
ATI Radeon 4870
4G of Ram
Windows 7 64-bit
M3A32-MVP Deluxe Mobo

If there is any other information you need to help me fix this just ask... this problem is really starting to irritate me.