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29th Jun 2010, 06:14
I got Just Cause 2 from a friend who played it just once and the disc is brand new. I installed the game and in the opening screen it says 'PRESS START' .. After I press the start button It takes me to a different screen where I need to select 'NEW GAME' by pressing the O button. But the game just does not start. My system is a PS3 slim 120 GB. Other games are running perfectly well. What could be the problem? Please help. System updated to latest version 2 weeks ago by installing Red Dead Redemption. My console is not connected to the internet.

29th Jun 2010, 07:17
well pressing O won't do anything, you should try pressing X next time.
Unless you meant to put X anyway, well, apart from that, i can't really help, when i had this problem, i just deleted EVERY LAST TRACE of data of JC2 even being on my PS3, it worked fine for me, 'cept i had to re-download all my DLC, and complete the game again, LOL But it worked though.

29th Jun 2010, 08:54
Even pressing X does not solve the problem.

29th Jun 2010, 08:56
Should I restore factory settings?

29th Jun 2010, 09:18
You need to find a way to connect to the internet and install the early patch for the PS3, which has issues with the O-X button.

Can you bring your PS3 to a friends house with internet?

Also how is your cache for video capture? Have you cleared that in awhile.

There is also a bug in PS3 version of JC2 which puts all the controls in the game all the way left. Check the controls and reset them to default then adjust accordingly.

Check my sig in the tips,FAQ's section for other tips.

29th Jun 2010, 12:04
Thanks German. Can I not install the patch from a USB flash drive or something? Also, what do you mean by cache for video capture?

29th Jun 2010, 14:24
you can put the patch on a USB stick, but you have to find a legit patch site first. (Nothing like Plunder/RapidShare/MediaFire. Don't want to virus your PS3) P.S. Try searching GamersHell

30th Jun 2010, 08:46
I can't find it anywhere. Can you please search it for me? I'm a noob :-((

30th Jun 2010, 08:51
You can get them off of the official Playstation website. I would get you a link, but I'm capped, and I'm lazy. :(

30th Jun 2010, 14:01
I looked for you, I can't seem to find a web site that has PS3 patches. The reason could be:

Game patch update only gets activated when your online console detects the game in it. So unless you can crack a code to activate an update prompt, then, you can do it manually. Like the automatic updates on PC which only gets activated if you have a microsoft windows installed. If you don't have windows, then update prompt will not come out.

Unlike the PS3 system update, it's actually a firmware update which is hardware related issue and not software (games software for that matter).


Easiest way is to use someone else's net and let game update that way.