View Full Version : Hype up locations before departure

29th Jun 2010, 01:06
The first Deus Ex did a lot of foreshadowing. Some of it was pointing in directions that you just couldn't believe would go to in an fps back in 2000. Hong Kong was clearly a hot-point from the very first few moments of the game. Paris was also mentioned as early as possible, in the intro, but also in newstands in New York. Area 51 even came in. Invisible War pretty much did the same thing, in some ways.

But a player being made aware of what is possibly in store (as in, what the character might find interesting to visit in the future) is not a spoiling event, but rather it, excites the player to press forward. I remember that the transition from New York to Hong Kong was incredible. And I think that had a lot to do with how well the player understood how dangerous New York was becoming, and how intriguing the idea of meeting up with rebel forces in Hong Kong would be (not to mention the promise of your UNATCO friends meeting you in rendezvous). The subsequent treks were not as well seasoned before execution, but ultimately most of those locations were mentioned somewhere earlier in the game.

If there's any development in the plot sector, then I'd humbly advise a lot of situational awareness before the player actually makes the transitions. HALO is a good example of very poor transitioning. The player is constantly losing track of what he is doing, where he is going, and why he is doing it.