View Full Version : How To: Ghost Grapple Glitch

29th Jun 2010, 01:02
(Apologies for the video/audio being out of sync.)

Learn how to create partially/completely invisible vehicle destruction models, palm trees and rocks, and keep them in the game. Invisible wrecking ball, anyone? ;)

Ghost Grapple Glitch Tutorial

Have fun!

- KD

P.S. Once again, Youtube has cut off the last few seconds of audio. I just go on to say that you can use the boulder at the end as a wrecking ball, by tethering it to a car or helicopter :rolleyes:

29th Jun 2010, 01:07
really cool glitch man i think ill go try that

2nd Jul 2010, 20:00
this is pretty cool - I'll have to try it. looking forward to checking out your other glitches. Nicely done video!

2nd Jul 2010, 20:25
i never thought about tether when fadding, good job