View Full Version : Please, Just Cause 2 Patch!

27th Jun 2010, 22:16
Hi Friends, there's a little problem with JC2, a bug on the water's towers, remains only one water tower for me, but I can't find it, and another problem with the crates. I'm with 99,95% in JC2, I noticed that the end of each primary mission, I won 3 vehicle parts and 3 weapon parts, but not win the last mission, and miss just those 6 boxes. I believe that only a patch can fix the problem with crates e water tower, please, I need a patch for 100%! :(

Sorry about my bad english.

29th Jun 2010, 15:52
Please, help me!!

29th Jun 2010, 23:06
Please, help me!!

What do you want us to do, Alef? We've all been waiting 13 weeks for a patch to address the massive number of in-game bugs. We received some promising news yesterday, and were informed there might be more news on an upcoming patch today. As usual, Avalanche have disappointed us and there is no new information available today.

You'll just have to wait until the patch is released.

30th Jun 2010, 10:01
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