View Full Version : Naughty Bear comes out in 4 more days!

25th Jun 2010, 14:43
For those with devious minds, this game is perfect for you.

Here is the launch trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/launch-trailer-naughty-bear/700920

This looks so awesome. Zombies, aliens and robots? This is crazy!

So who is gonna buy this? I am definitely getting this. Watch the very ending after the Naughty Bear coming soon sign appears.

25th Jun 2010, 14:59
i preordered, looks like a laff

25th Jun 2010, 16:01
Looks like fun to me.

25th Jun 2010, 16:25
G4 review is up here (http://g4tv.com/videos/46982/Naughty-Bear-Review/).

EDIT: It seems to be a preview, though its description states it's a review... I'm confused.

These here are reviews:
- http://gamerant.com/naughty-bear-reviews-ryanb-26799/
- http://www.xboxer360.com/reviews/review-naughty-bear/
- http://www.gamergeddon.com/2010/06/25/naughty-bear-review/

Intensive Care Bears trailer here (http://www.gametrailers.com/video/intensive-care-naughty-bear/701150).:lol:

joe the janitor
25th Jun 2010, 20:07
Hmm, seems a little like Hitman!