View Full Version : ShippingPC-BmGame.exe crash - cant update - cant play :(

23rd Jun 2010, 19:00
I have read through as many threads as I can with no luck.

When I click the desktop icon after a few secs I get the ShippingPC-BmGame.exe error.

I have tried re-installing the game (I bought the disc, not download)

I have tried the Batman_TU_v1.1_EFIGS.exe update, but after all the extracting it says the came has not been installed or cannot be found?

so what else can I try?

24th Jun 2010, 09:26
Try copying the disk to hard drive first, then installing from the hard drive - it sounds like the installation isn't fully working, and it could be down to failed reads from the disk.

9th Jul 2010, 13:29
The update is from a download so it is already on my hard-drive but when i run it, it says 'the game has not been installed or cannot be found'. Is there no way to get this working then?

9th Jul 2010, 14:39
The point is you should try to install the game from you hard drive. Copy the whole dvd to a folder on your disk and install from there. But first I'd suggest you to fully uninstall the game and delete it's keys from the system registry. Take a look a this post as well:


10th Jul 2010, 11:45
ok i'll give that a go - would it be better to just copy the dvd data and install (will that work?) or should I make an ISO and install from a virtual drive

10th Jul 2010, 12:45
Simply copying the files should work. Since you mentioned virtual dvd-roms, keep in mind that such software may trigger copy protection mechanisms which render the game unplayable for the legal owners while pirates enjoy it without problems.

10th Jul 2010, 16:38
Still no luck.

Tried uninstalling the full game and GFWL, removing all registry keys and folders, reinstalling GWFL, copying data to HDD and installing game.

Still cannot rn the update, same error with cannot find game or has not been installed, and game still crashed before start up with ShippingPC-BmGame.exe error.

Any other ideas, or have I just wasted my money??

10th Jul 2010, 17:00
btw. can you run the demo no problem?

10th Jul 2010, 17:05
not tried it where do i get it from?

10th Jul 2010, 17:09
Here, 2 GB


10th Jul 2010, 17:14
ok cheers will give it a try, will take some time to dl.

if it does / doesnt work, will that help me get the full game working?

10th Jul 2010, 17:19
just looksed at the update again and its destination is set to some temp folder - assume it should be set to where the game is installed? cant change it tho - may be why it says it cannot find the game.

if i just open it with winrar , should I extract the folders to the game directory?

10th Jul 2010, 17:30
It extracts to a temp folder and runs the installer from there. That's the way it should be.

10th Jul 2010, 23:21
Demo runs fine (seems to have slow frame rate but loads up and plays ok)
what does that mean for the full game, any chance it will work?

11th Jul 2010, 00:07
You don't happen to have the GOTY edition of the game now do you ?

12th Jul 2010, 18:20
yep its the GOTY edition I bought - is that prone to messing up?

12th Jul 2010, 18:48
No. The thing is you don't patch the goty. It comes patched already. Goty 1.0 = standard version 1.1 + some DLCs.

12th Jul 2010, 19:06
ah i see. no good for me if I cant play it tho! any other ideas?

12th Jul 2010, 19:37
What's your set up and what does the error message say?

12th Jul 2010, 19:46
set up:

AMD X2 4400 2.2ghz dual core

passes all the requirements etc.

The error message I get is the ShippingPC-BmGame.exe has encountered a fatal error, send error report etc.
Let me know if you need more info on the error message as I will have to re-install to get it up again.


12th Jul 2010, 20:29
Well, full error message would be nice.

13th Jul 2010, 20:04
Ok so here is the error report, hope it is what you are after.

Does this help show you anything?



15th Jul 2010, 08:57
Well, this just looks like a generic error message. It's anybody's guess what's causing it. Feel like reinstalling the whole system ? :scratch:

15th Jul 2010, 18:21
hmm what do you mean when you say 'whole system'?

15th Jul 2010, 18:51
I simply meant reinstalling windows. Cos to me there's no telling what's the problem here. Sorry.

15th Jul 2010, 20:47
Not really no. seems I cant play this game then...
thanks for the help