View Full Version : Millions of interviews and three nominations at E3!

21st Jun 2010, 23:25
Hi everyone,

In case you didn't know it was the huge computer game show E3 last week. I went along to help demo Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. It was so brilliant. I demoed the game to scores of people and everyone I spoke to either really enjoyed it or loved it.

It was great to see people suddenly get it as you talked them through the controls. It was like a eureka moment when you showed them the shield jump or the grapple.

We ended up getting nominated for BEST OF SHOW by IGN and Kotaku (we were up against the likes of Gears of War and Assassin's Creed!). This is quite a feat given this is a downloadable title :) We also got a nomination for Most Original from Machinima.com.

All in all it was a great week! So busy but also really great and there's loads of write-ups and videos springing up all over the net :)

Here are some photos of the event snatched by my phone.

It's so busy, this is the first time I've sat down in three days :D

Check out the cool arcade machine, we're giving this away as a prize!

Most original game nomination from machinima.com. Sweet!

Best of show nomination! This is a digital download and we're getting nominations for best of E3 (up against games like Gears of War, Zelda, Mafia 2.... how cool?!)

Kotaku love us too! Another best of show nomination! Yay!

22nd Jun 2010, 06:32
I'm excited for this game more than ever now!!:thumb:

Thanks for sharing Keir!!:D

22nd Jun 2010, 07:28
I'm really happy that Lara got 3 nominations, that's saying something. It's gonna be a fantastic game, I can feel it in my bones.
Congrats to the whole dev team! :):thumb:

22nd Jun 2010, 10:59
Congrats for the nominations!!! I'm sooo excited about this game!!! :D

22nd Jun 2010, 17:00
Concratz people!

Im getting jealous i wasnt there :D

22nd Jun 2010, 18:21
Congratz to everyone who worked so hard on the game and the show display and orginisation of it all

can't wait for the game to come out ;)

22nd Jun 2010, 20:49
The Final Fantasy XIV guy in the first pic is seeming creeperly...

Anyway, I can't wait for GOl release! How did you decide on the winner of the arcade machine??

22nd Jun 2010, 21:47
Check out the cool arcade machine, we're giving this away as a prize!

Oi. Find the shipping address in your PM inbox, Keir. :cool:

On a somewhat more realistic note: too much awesomeness to bear with. I can hardly wait for this game, it looked like serious fun from the beginning and all these nominations and positive feedback just raise the anxiety. That, and all the awesome gameplay videos that keep popping up - though I haven't seen them all as I do want to find out a lot of things on my first playthrough with my PSN buddy who is as excited for this game as I am (and he's not a Tomb Raider fan, lol). :D

(Though I've heard something about the game being released a couple of weeks earlier on XBL... not too happy about that. :( Still a day 1 purchase for me, nevertheless, whenever that is.)

22nd Jun 2010, 23:27
Check out the cool arcade machine, we're giving this away as a prize!

Oi. Find the shipping address in your PM inbox, Keir. :cool:

You're too late I'm already planning a genius way to swipe it. :p Although how would you actually ship that thing overseas? I've always wondered how they do that with huge arcade cabinets; because they would be presumably too heavy for a plane, but then again wouldn't there be a huge chance of them getting quite damaged on a cargo ship...? Hmm. :scratch:

Anyway after seeing the game in action on the E3 showfloor (well, I just watched some IGN footage, but you know what I mean) I definitely want to buy this game. I know I say this all the time here, but it really does remind me of the awesome time I've spent playing Gauntlet Legends with my friends and I can't wait to experience something like that again. :)

27th Jun 2010, 08:57
The epicness of this game and those nominations is almost streaming off those screenshots. :D Thanks for the heads up, Keir. Rest well.