View Full Version : cannot install oh my god this is driving me crazy oh my god

20th Jun 2010, 19:30
so: i will start with my specs. i've got a macbook pro running windows 7 32 bit with bootcamp. 2.66 ghz i7, 4 gb ram, geforce gt 330m.

when i try and install the game, what looks to be a cmd window pops up with a single line of text then literally after a tenth of a second disappears, then in another tenth of a second, a brief flash of some other window pops up, and in a third tenth second, disappears. nothing happens. i check the task manager, there is nothing running.

windows is as updated as it can be. direct x is as updated as it can be. i have uninstalled my antivirus program. because it's such a breeze to delete the partition and reinstall windows, i have even done that. i want so badly to play this game, but it is just not in the cards for me.

i have copied the files from the disc to my hard drive. i have done the firewallinstallhelper.dll and that other file, copying them to system32. i have run it as an administrator. i have run it under compatibility mode with windows xp and all its service packs as well as windows vista and all its service packs.

i have spent perhaps two hours researching all of the installation issues i can with this game. i have tried all of the advice offered to others.

please. jesus. please.

what oh what do i do?