View Full Version : Crash when climbing to top of elevator

18th Jun 2010, 19:29
Undesired behavior:
When I climb up to a certain platform in the game, it crashes, immediately, no matter how I get to this platform.

Desired Behavior:
Doesn't crash after I've reached the platform.

Reproducing this bug:
I have 2% progress in story line at this point. When the elevator crashes in the early part of the game, you have to climb up platforms. While scaling the platforms, you must jump across a gap to a ledge where you can only hold onto and shimmy across until you reach an open duct where the ledge allows you to climb up. As soon as you reach this point Joker starts blabbing over the intercom about how he knows you can hear him and about how hes done something bad and his double-agent guard isn't going to let Gordon escape.

As soon as you climb through tunnels, you find yourself on a platform where you need to jump across and then grapple up. You can grapple or climb up the 2 platforms going up, but as soon as you reach the top platform and there isn't anything higher here, the game immediately crashes to desktop with a generic error saying it had an abnormal exit condition or something. There is no error number or anything, just VC++ error and exit.

I have tried it with low graphic detail, and high graphic detail, didn't make any difference.

Here is my setup:
1600x1050 resolution
PhysX Turned On
Installed from Steam
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core2Quad q6600
4GB Kingston Memory
EVGA NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GTS
ASUS P5K Motherboard
Installed on 750gb 7200RPM WD drive.
Only thing running in the background was the Microsoft Security Essentials
I have the latest NVIDIA Drivers installed.

23rd Jun 2010, 21:27
I managed to fix this error by deleting my save game and the entire game and re-installing it.