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17th Jun 2010, 17:29
why is this topic in the off-topic ? - because i say so :rasp:

Any way, i love the mass & feel of the cars in K&L2, im only saying that from what i have seen, people running by cars, hiding behind cars....

Could we se an, in tense racing title from IO sometime - even through the race genre is a bit crowed... something more intens than forza 3..., that nice, but not...real

17th Jun 2010, 17:57
I would prefer if IO did a sandbox title right away rather than just a driving game ...

I mean imagine Grand Theft Auto IV but with a better story , believable plot , and IO's style of violence ...

Your character gets into all sorts of bank robberies , gang massacres , your character can even train himself into becoming a professional assassin after too much drink at a bar one night and hallucinating a bald guy with a bar code tattoo on the back of his neck (yep , your character has drinking issues) ...

Or if you don't think one character can do everything , no problem , make it a multiple protagonnist story , all taking place in the same city , but each character gets his very own sets of missions ...

And alright , one of them gets into intense driving missions , if you want it so bad ...

18th Jun 2010, 06:40
Jubiiii, I get my driving mission !!

but anyway.....OpenWorld games a also going crazy now!! - but the thought of a openworld game in the style af K&L2 sound like a sweet game ;-)

And ...i guess its the style that makes the cars seem more "heavy" and "real" in K&L2 - im still keeping my wheelman for that crazy driving fix ;-)

I was thinking of the midnight club los angeles, but there was never a demo, so i have no idear of how the driving is.

anyway...open..world... what kind of mini games would fit in a K&L game ?

18th Jun 2010, 12:02
The usual bowling , pool , darts , drinking , car chases , eating , visiting courtesans , taking photos like a couple of tourists , going to the mall to by a ballon and Kane gets lost and you have to find him , arcade room with Mini Ninjas style games , driving a mustang with Peter Gunn theme playing , shooting people in slow motion with Blade Runner Blues playing , parachuting , forget to pull the cord , die ...

And you respawn directly from your grave , because that's How Manly we are ... we skip that hospital bull**** ...

18th Jun 2010, 12:09
I live again (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CibO_6YBX_k#t=1m18s)

18th Jun 2010, 12:38
Dude that game is so violent it makes Kane & Lynch look like another Spongebob game ...

18th Jun 2010, 22:42
You know, I've been playing a lot of Road Rash lately, and I thought that it would be cool if there were a modern remake with updated features and everything. If IO were to make a racing game, I think Road Rash would be right up their alley.

21st Jun 2010, 18:56
I live again (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CibO_6YBX_k#t=1m18s)

What type of violent game is that?! That should be banned!

But poking zombies with a pitchfork? Awesome.