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17th Jun 2010, 05:46
To give ourselves a much-needed break from stewing in the depressing prospect of no in game footage, I thought I'd make a story prediction. If you'd rather be surprised when you play and blahblahblah, then don't read this thread. Okay.

What we know: Black ops military guys raid the biotech agency which Jensen is a part of. He's injured. He's augmented to have his life saved with military-grade mech augs. He doesn't know where they came from or who financed them. Sarif, the owner of the biotech company for which Jensen works for sets him on the trail of these guys who raided the buildings, nearly killing Adam.

Some questions:
Q: Was the raid disguised as a raid against the biotech firm, but actually a raid to assassinate Jensen?
A: Probably not...but maybe...actually quite possibly - questionable only because it would have to be a pretty incompetent paramilitary outfit to not 'get their man'. If Adam lost his arms however, it could have been an explosion or something or him falling off a building like we see in the trailer (I think?)...and so he could have been lying in rubble and been assumed dead. In that case, its possible that this was a raid to kill Adam Jensen. Otherwise, it was for crucial biotech research information.

Q: Could Adam have been intentionally damaged so that he would later become mech-augged?
A: No. It's just illogical to have a blacks ops squad raid a lab to only 'injure severely both arms of the target'. The risk of killing him would be too great, considering how close Jensen is to dying. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Q: Could the raid have been to kidnap the girl in the trailer (Jensen's lover perhaps)? Or to kill both Jensen and the girl?
A: This seems possible. If the two are, in fact, JC Denton's parents, then the girl would have been impregnated by MJ12 scientists looking for a place to put the clones of Paul and JC. This is the DX Bible, but I think it was something like...they promised JC's 'mom' payment and to impregnate her (because she was unable to have children, and needed the money, she accepted the offer). MJ12 used the Denton parents to birth and raise their nanoaug agents (their latest experiment) before killing the parents (because they knew too much). This could have been after the birth of Paul and she was hiding the baby or something...so they kidnap her and force her to have JC under MJ12 supervision. I forget the details. But anyway...maybe the girl didn't tell Adam she had swung this deal with these MJ12 types disguised as scientists? Help me expand this a bit.

Q: Could the raid be done by the Illuminati?
A: I don't think so. The Illuminati will certainly feature...as is evident by the dollar bill in the trailer and the 'triangle' logo in the title of the game. Its possible the Illumanti/Sarif industries did the raid on themselves for some reason...although the Everett or Dowd or something in DX1 explains how the Illuminati never had Page's commandos or the private military or whatever. So I don't feel like blacks ops military is the really the Illuminati style...especially considering that MJ12 had broken away and developed at that time I think. At the same time, it would seem kind of cheap to use MJ12 again, wouldn't it? I certainly don't mind and think it would make sense that they are in the game...almost vital. But I don't know if the designers would do it. Just as a side note, I feel that Sarif is referring to himself when he talks about, "These people, always hiding behind lies and proxy soldiers" etc. So either the Illuminati is using proxy soldiers OR, Sarif industries is actually an MJ12 venture. They were the ones interested in militant R&D after all, weren't they? Someone with superior knowledge of the DX history might be able to sort this out.

Q: Who financed the augs?
A: I suspect this is done by the Illuminati or someone working for the Illuminati. Maybe MJ12, who are more militant...except that that would mean that Sarif is probably MJ12, which means he MJ12-ed his own MJ12 biotech firm for some reason. Not sure why that would be. Likely there is no MJ12 and it's all Illuminati, yet they stopped caring that the Illuminati never used soldiers and the Black Ops are the Illuminati guys and the augs were financed by the Illuminati to find the Illuminati.

Q: Why? Why? And why?
A: Jensen's personal history is a big thing. Could he be a clone? No, that's been done. Twice. Could Jensen be the heir of the Illuminati throne or something? Almost certainly then, he has some relation to these secret societies. Hmmmmm. Your thoughts on Jensen's personal history?

I'll go on about Shanghai, more about my theories on the augs and who Adam is searching out and why, and all that tomorrow.

18th Jun 2010, 02:45
Thread needs more continuity bible (http://archive.gamespy.com/articles/april02/dxbible/)

It all started last Thursday: Adam Jensen, a security guard, was guarding the security at the Serif industries building. Things were going quite well until, suddenly, a sociopathic, mechanically augmented soldier showed up and started assaulting the staff, including Adam's girlfriend. This made Adam raeg, but in his attempts to restore security he was defenestrated from a very high floor on the tall, tall skyscraper. To save his life and give him extreme ass-kicking power, Adam was given hi-tech mech augmentations, bestowing him with new superhuman abilities. Now this SUNDAY SUNDAY, he coming back to FINISH THE JOB by undertaking extreme important missions for Serif Industries and obtaining vengance for what happened to him. In his angry rage, he goes around punching through walls and crushing peoples' heads looking for his kidnapped friends and/or family. And this all has something to do with the evil Illuminatus Reptilians.