28th Mar 2014, 12:30
It could be a good idea to create a good chrono trigger in HD version or (3d :P) instead of creating a Chrono Trigger on every console possible.
CHRONO TRIGGER ON PS1 = cool, movie are nice, but so damn slow...(menu loading,etc)
CHRONO TRIGGER ON DS = awesome (thanks for the little add-on)
CHRONO TRIGGER ON ANDROID = . . . . . . .need a network connection, expensive, loading ?!??!. . . . . . seriously

CHRONO TRIGGER HD 1080P = :naughty:
Seriously, i would buy it at every price.

28th Mar 2014, 21:13
I didn't try the Android version but finished it on iOS. It was a good port but they removed the anime movies that were in the PS1 and DS versions. My fav version is the DS one.

Yes I think this timeless classic deserves a complete remake, either 2D or 3D.

31st Mar 2014, 03:57
yup your right, the ds one is awesome ;P

31st Mar 2014, 11:41
yeah that would be really good idea... i had a dream lately that i was in the game and had to fight lavos.... that was quit funny. my dream was kind of in 3D - so i would like that part come true...

27th May 2014, 16:50
Unfortunately they seem not to like the idea.
At about the year 2000 a group of fans started developing kind of a 3D game version of the game as a tribute to Chrono Trigger (Chrono Trigger resurrection).
The game developing was so good that some said it was being made in a professional level. Probably(and I say probably to avoid trouble) this caused Square Enix to "ask them to stop developing" instead of "Ask them to join Square Enix and finish that wonderful thing". I think that It could have been a really profitable project if Square Enix were in. After all, they have the copyrights and would have most of the profits of the project if they wanted.
To avoid letting the original game falling in public domain because of the time with no use they decided to "remake" the game for different plataforms. I guess that it wasn't exactly what the fans of the original game were expecting, but at least was something.
There had been lots of petitions on the internet about it. Asking Square Enix to finish the game, or create their own 3d version of the game, as you can see on wikipedia or in a quick search on Google.
But the hope is the last one to die.

Correct me if I'm wrong about something. I'm not the master of the Knowladge.