View Full Version : Perfect Knight bug

14th Jun 2010, 14:23
I recently bought the AA GOTY edition on steam, but have encountered a bug with the PK achievement.

I played through the whole game on hard and obtained all riddler trophies/challenges etc and the PK achievement unlocked. However, since my internet was acting up at the time the achievement didn't seem to synch to xbox.com. When I opened the game, my save game was corrupted so I had to delete it. When I unlocked another achievement in a different game (Game Room) PK relocked itself, yet AA still displayed itself as 47/47 1000G on my local gamercard (though other people looking at the gamercard saw the correct 46/47 925G)

So I started a new save on easy and again obtained all challenges and riddles and unlocked PK again (my internet was fine at this point). It appeared as unlocked in game, but my gamercard now displayed 48/47 1075G and the achievement did not synch to xbox.com. Upon unlocking another achievement in Game Room, the achievement still appears unlocked, but my Gamerscore total is as if I didn't have it.

Anyone got any ideas?