View Full Version : Game freezes on Sony VPC EB1E1E???

14th Jun 2010, 13:41
Hi there, i just bought Just Cause 2 and i hoped i can play it on at lowest settings on this notebook, but the game freezes like sh.t....
I thought that ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5470 512 is not so bad, but on DXDIAG it writes me it has 2230 MB of memory using some Hypermemory???

Can you suggest how to solve this problem? Is it solveable???? Thanks for help.....

Here are specs....

18th Jun 2010, 13:58
Well i tried to run game with fovfactor 1.2 and frameratecap 50, and it WORKED for 2 days.... I really dunno, because on the third day, i was really looking forward to play that great game, but after i loaded the save, FPS was about 10 again.... Dear Eidos, can you tell me why did I play it well for 2 days and suddenly it freezes and stutters again??? CAN YOU TELL ME WHY? There were no changes on my notebook in those two days, so why?

18th Jun 2010, 19:11
It's a laptop. Probably the thermal protection kicking in and throttle the laptop before it cooks itself.

Also update your drivers and directx.

19th Jun 2010, 14:31
I have installed directx, but where to download latest drivers???? Catalyst 10.6 doesnt support VAIO notebooks....I tried to play today and it wasnt stuttering. I have quit the game after about 1,5 hour.... Then i was just on net for few hours... then I tried the game and it was tearing again.... WTF??? Thanks for help