View Full Version : Presentation of gameplay possibilites and immersion

14th Jun 2010, 02:49
DX: HR will look good. I KNOW it will look good, because the devs realize presentation is most important of all.

Jean-Francois Dugas, Game Director: I didn’t want to just make an action game that lacks the foundations of a Deus Ex game. So we tried to isolate which key elements made Deus Ex special and build our game on those pillars. Of course it also had to simply be impressive and easily accessible. However I didn’t want to compromise when it came to content.
Above all it comes down to how the range of possibilities is presented to the player. Will he allocate an experience point here so it has an effect over there, and will he then get tangled up in a submenu of a submenu… Frankly this way he actually loses options, because they aren’t presented clearly to him.

It seems to me that player skills were removed because they were redundant, which made upgrading convoluted and difficult to access. That sure didn't bother me, but that's not important now. Instead, give us your thoughts on the following question: How do you want the to be presented to you from the title screen down into the gameplay?

Some people like to look fiddle around with option screens and stats. Others don't want to spend a moment away from Adam's eyes, not even for a third-person takedown. Yet others might want some blend of viewpoints and menus.

Where can this line of deliberation take us?

For example, keeping Dugas' rationale in mind: If DX:HR was a remake of DX1, would it still be possible to save Paul? After all, it wasn't a choice that was clearly presented.

How the devs spread around some medkits for the purists who use obscure console commands to turn of HR? Will that mar the presentation? Will there be alot of players who say: Who needs all these medkits? I wish this game would have a game features that matched it's real gameplay (IE, whatever approach the majority seems to be taking?)

Will it be confusing and distracting to have a big option menu with switches such Health Regen and First-person stealth? Will that alter the game drastically and put people off?

The devs seem to think that the players need to be informed of everything so that they can exhaust the game-possibilities in the most efficient and least time-consuming manner. They are right because it improves immersion. However, redundancy also creates immersion. Like Warren Spector stated, Aqualung and swimming may be functionally the same, but they're different in the player's imagination. Presentation shouldn't be a goal unto itself; if the content can't be presented well, don't present it but don't delete it. Modders rejoice! :thumb: