View Full Version : Lost Profile/SaveData

13th Jun 2010, 18:22

I recently bought Batman and when I first started my game, I chose to play on an Offline profile. About 50% way, I was curious as to what the downloadable content was, so I logged into an old LIVE account I forgot I had (after a half hour of restarting for updates).

Afterwards, I wanted to log back into my Offline profile, but I couldn't find it in the SIGN IN option anywhere. I found the SaveData folder and the file, but no way to recover the profile. Of course, moving the Save file just gave me CORRUPT DATA errors, so I looked up ways to try to recover my Profile.

All the threads I saw mentioned going into your AppData folder and locating XLive or GFWL folder in your Microsoft folder, but I couldn't find them anywhere. Was I suppose to create the folders myself? I didn't know.

So is there a way to recover my Profile, or is the SaveData I have pretty much useless?