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12th Jun 2010, 10:34
I just got this game, and i like it, great shooting and great singleplayer action, story so far ;-)

Am still going to pick up K&L2, but AO2 40th day, is very good, I hope for more great action in K&L2

...just wanted to say, i think people has been a little to hard on this game ;-)

12th Jun 2010, 11:02
Is it still fun if we play it in solo ? or is it really the type of game we absolutely have to play in co-op to enjoy it ...

12th Jun 2010, 11:53
I allways play single player first, and have yet to se the game i would love to play co-op with other in,on my first play-through.

I play resident evil 5 in co-op with my wife, and its our first play through...Nice;-)

12th Jun 2010, 14:03
I find this funny how me and JackGordon were only talking about this game a couple of days ago, whilst i was playing it and expressing my dislike of how ******* generic it is.

12th Jun 2010, 14:37
well, i dont think its generic,you got a nice set of movements, and the enemy is smart, and there is lots of "new" takes on the maps,

Go play gears of war 2, that "generic" for me, same old same...

I do want to try with a human parnter too, yesterday i tried to get to a "weapon chest" before they close it, and failed a lot!!! - tried the fake surrender option, and co-op surender, to tag enemies...but failed - i had fun every time, but had to give up/move on - i think a human partner could have helped a little ;-) heeemmmm The2ofus - xbox anyone ?

12th Jun 2010, 14:56
add me, my gamertags the same as here

12th Jun 2010, 16:00
It was a good game, but there were some seriously annoying things with it. First being Nolan North phoning it it again. The thing that really got on my nerves though, is that it doesn't save your weapon swaps when you exit that screen, only at checkpoints. So if you wanted to swap weapons before a tough section, but it was after a checkpoint, you need to go back and do it every single time.

12th Jun 2010, 16:27
I'm somehow still not convinced that it's worth playing ...

Maybe i'll buy it cheaply next year ... maybe ...

joe the janitor
12th Jun 2010, 18:44
I didn't really like it. The gameplay was fine but the story didn't really interest me enough to play through the whole game.

20th Jun 2010, 16:14
i played aot 2 back at january the gameplay was decent but it was very short and there was no story.. i gave it a score of 7.4 as far as i remember :D

21st Jun 2010, 13:13
Yeah...back again !!
A last word on the grave..

The game was short, but im playing it through on hard now - there is a Thin/no story, other that shooting guys, but the shooting is very, very, good - good action all the way, and i have to play split screen with somebody !!

the weapon system, sucks - why have so many "empty parts" that does nothing, when most gamers goes for one, or two weapon combinations...
There is some flaws in the game, but is was fun ;-)


21st Jun 2010, 16:05
I'm surprised to see that this game has no 'real' story ...
I mean after all that chaos and that dude with the scar on his face saying he wants to bring a new world order and stuff , now you guys say it's a only a paper thin plot ? ...
Damn that's marketing fail ! ...

21st Jun 2010, 16:07
No joke, the only time you hear any kind of story is during the end cinematic. Up until then, the most story you get is "stuff's blowing up real good".

21st Jun 2010, 16:30
I wonder if the Days of Deceit dlc had more story than the entire 40th Day ...

It still a epic fail anywya ...

21st Jun 2010, 18:34
The ending made me lol. We had races on you know what and who can quickly do you know what to each other.

22nd Jun 2010, 05:51
The ending made me lol. We had races on you know what and who can quickly do you know what to each other.

Yeah, im with you on that on ;-)


last post now, the story/action in the game is good, but the "side" infor about the 40th day event, is just meeh..... its sound files, on radio - you have to go to the menu to hear them - and they are BORING to listen to...:nut:

22nd Jun 2010, 15:29
One last thing though ...

Does it at least explain why it's called the "40th Day" ? ...

22nd Jun 2010, 20:27
One last thing though ...

Does it at least explain why it's called the "40th Day" ? ...
I think they do, just in case though, I believe it's a biblical reference.

22nd Jun 2010, 20:29
I believe it's a biblical reference.

Thought so , the villain calling himself 'Jonah' and all ...

Anywya i think i'll pass on this , i think i got better games to buy first anywya ...

22nd Jun 2010, 20:35
Like Naughty Bear? A torture simulation involving bears.

22nd Jun 2010, 20:44
What ? it's out ? ...

Anywya i was think of buying Red Dead Remption first ...
Not my fault if i got a bit busy lately , i was saving it in order to be able to play it for a long week ...
That's how it should be played ...

22nd Jun 2010, 20:52
I am not so sure it being out just yet but i do know that it comes out this month.

Man i really want Final Fantasy Versus xiii but its for PS3! *does Darth Vader noooooooo!* why release Final Fantasy 13 for the 360 then make the next game exclusive? I should dig out my ps2 and go buy Final Fantasy X and X2.

Man i hate exclusives! Guess i will have to wait for the insanely amazing Dead Space 2 and of course Silent Hill 8.

22nd Jun 2010, 21:12
This Educational Video Never Gets Old ...


By the way , Dead Space 2 collector's edition is also exclusive to the PS3 , whoocha ! ...

22nd Jun 2010, 21:21
That video was awesome. *An error occurred, please try again later.*

Once again NOOOOOOOOOO! Damn you Sony! Damn you all to hell! Maybe Visceral will do the same like they did for Dante's Inferno? Make a exclusive limited edition for both consoles? I though that was pretty kool that each console will get something unique. Just like the 1st Dead Space, the 360 got the white looking suit and the ps3 got the black looking one which i must say is the better looking one.

But i doubt it would happen. I was actually thinking of buying a PS3, i want Killzone so bad along with some Playstation originals.

22nd Jun 2010, 21:33
Well the video works for me , you lose ! ...

And you got it all wrong on Dante's Inferno , there were three versions of the game ...
The Standard game ...
The Death Edition , which is a special edition avaiable on Both the PS3 and 360 ...
And then there's the Divine Edition , it had just about all the Death edition had and More , exclusive to the PS3 ...

So Dead Space 2 wouldn't be the first time Visceral goes exclusive with Sony , whoops ! ...

22nd Jun 2010, 21:35
If i was a fanboy i would storm off to town right now and tear the Sony Centre store down and write *Grievous must die* in blood on the walls.

3DS is where the party is at. I want one along with the new Resident Evil! It's pretty cool how you don't need 3d glasses at all, unfortunatly Microsoft and Sony seem hell bent on making Move and Kinect, i hope they both fail.