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28th Mar 2014, 09:18
I know many are complaining and stuff but i really wanted to say thx for ur effort trying to help everyone and trying to improve Nosgoth :) until now u did a great job. i just wanted to let u know that some people really appreciate ur hard work ^.^ and not only complain :P eventough i love the matchmaking bugs so funny :D well i hope u will still put all ur work into improving everything better . and let us know bout the new classes T_T i would die for it tbh pls pls pls more bout the new classes Q_Q

Ps: i dont know where this even belongs in wich category , I´m sry if its the wrong one ;)


28th Mar 2014, 11:42
Every creative endevour requires effort, especialy if it is as complex as video game. Also it's easy to understand and forgive in game bugs when game is alpha/beta state because finding and fixing bugs is precisely what alpha/beta state is for. I can't however accept the fact that people aren't getting what they paid for. I know stuff happens etc. but if it does please react properly. Describe the reason ASAP, give ETA, stop selling stuff you can't deliver as long as you can't fix the problem and please for all that is holy don't announce that you fixed it if it's not true. That annoucement on twitter two days ago made me lose a lot of respect for Nosgoth's team responsible for support, distribution, and community management. Nosgoth's gameplay if very fun, well designed and has the potential to appeal to many people. Unfortunately I can't recommend this game to anyone right now because of the problems I described above.

28th Mar 2014, 12:46
Exactly, very good point! Many things have so far been corrected, added and improved - nothing but praise for all those working around the clock to make the experience the best it can be thus far along the line! :)

I appreciate the fact that issues are being addressed as soon as humanly possible, and I can only guess that everything is gaining momentum and that it's getting harder to catch up with dealing with the bugs along with introducing new things and balancing everything out... I am certain that you are giving it your best, and I know that we, the players, are often giving you a hard time but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate your work. :D

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