View Full Version : Guardian of Light 3D support?

11th Jun 2010, 13:15
Sony are pushing 3D, and the 3D games I have look AMAZING.

Is it too late to implement in Guardian of light?

11th Jun 2010, 14:08
i already made a thread similar to this, and the feedback was negative, so... :\ but i like the idea.
I bet avatar the game in 3d is amazing, i can only view the cross-eye version and not the actual glasses version.

11th Jun 2010, 22:10
Avatar is not the best game in the world, but having the 3D mode made me buy it, and further more, play it.
The scenery is amazing in 3D.
I can only imagine how amazing Tomb Raider would look in 3D.

I can't understand all the negativity around 3D, its not like adding the option forces everybody to use it! We dont beat them with sticks for not buying into 3D. If they dont like it, leave it alone but without the option, the people who DO like it are stuck.

I played the PC demo in 3D, it rocked. Get the iZ3D driver and try anaglyph mode (red/green) to get an idea of how good it could look.

12th Jun 2010, 09:00
Like I said in TR gals post a while back... I'm not into 3D and doubt I ever will be but like Pyrofer said, the option should be there for those who want it...

Though I suppose if the developers don't want to use it then... but seen as the Playstation 3 is 3D ready, wont you need an over-priced 3DTV for the best 3D experience?:scratch:

Confuses the hell out of me if I'm honest.