View Full Version : STORE Runestones purchase still missing.

28th Mar 2014, 03:59
Alright, as of now - its been way more than 48 hours since the moment I've purchased a 39.99$ pack of runestones and they still have not been added to my account. I've contacted the support team 3 times: twice via chat and sent an e-mail with no result other than "Sir, the process might take up to 48 hours".

I have previously bought runestones, successfully, yet this time around after the purchase I've been given a message which said something like "Server is currently busy, your runestones shall be added later". Well I guess now it is quite late?

Please, so far things have been rad and dandy, but as of now - I'm full of piss and vinegar due to this mishappening. Can I please get some help? Or should I try to cancel my freaking payment, although it's been successful?

An order confirmation is attached below.


For Christ's sake - can someone do something now...?

P.s. I don't care about address or anonymity - nothing to hide, lol.
P.s.s. The purchase was made via PayPal.
P.s.s.s. I know that this issue should be sent to support (an attachment above this topic says so), so I've sent this message everywhere in hopes that something shall be done about the matter... I mean really - is it THAT hard to check my payment status on your end and fix the situation?

31st Mar 2014, 17:29
Bump for justice... Looks like I am getting NONE.

Kudos to Square-Enix's SUPPORT!
Question to anyone who might know: How long would Founders Packs be avaliable? I am getting this dreadful feeling that by the time I get my Runestones (IF I get them, this seems unlikely) current generous offer would be over and I'll be left empty-handed or worse... I would've tried to buy another pack, but I'm afraid to lose another 40$ to this scam.