View Full Version : Augmented Sports?

10th Jun 2010, 00:24
I was watching base ball and thought wouldn't this be more interesting if everyone had augmentations.

10th Jun 2010, 00:45
They do have those...


10th Jun 2010, 00:46
And sports would be infinitely more entertaining if players were mandated to use steroids.

10th Jun 2010, 00:58
I want to see players OD on the field. You know, there's something in their palms whenever they slap each other on the butt.

10th Jun 2010, 00:58
But, then they'd be going crazy like wrestlers. Or I guess you could make a completely live-action Space Jam.

Seriously though, it would boil down to what's happening in DX:HR, with the richest players being the best athletes. Then again, I guess they'd be getting the most money if they were the best anyway so...

10th Jun 2010, 01:00
We should take our prison inmates, dope them with all of our confiscated drugs, and have them play sports on live TV. Here's your next big game Sqenix.

10th Jun 2010, 01:28
From the Tigers poster, I have a feeling a minor theme, perhaps a cameo theme, will be the controversy of augs in sports, or at least in baseball.

10th Jun 2010, 05:39
Before when they were explaining the world, they said "try to imagine a world where atheletes, soldiers and even everyday people are augmented". Not an exact quote but it was something like that. It was when John was talking about designing the levels and had to figure out what the world would look like if augmentations were widely available.

10th Jun 2010, 05:43
They do have those...


Physiopharmaceutical augmentation! :cool: