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8th Jun 2010, 01:46
There is alot of talk going around that the visual quality of the games (animation, graphics, physics, etc...) is not what it should be. Most games with extensive trailers lack good visual quality like 'Prototype', or the screenshots from Deus Ex.pl that look a little dated, and even an interview where one of the designers who talks about how the artwork is more important than the graphics. So the BIG question is, will Deus Ex's visuals bring dissapointment or the the opposite?

On a side note personally I prefer if the graphics were a bit dated so they can run on my notebook.

8th Jun 2010, 01:52
That's not really The Big Question seeing as any hardcore Deus Ex fan dose not care about graphics unless it's extremely bad. But to put everything into prospective it's going to be able to run on the xbox 360 and will hopefully look better on a PC with more power (Like mine).

8th Jun 2010, 01:59
True I feel the same way about the graphics. Hopefully they will ward off the mainstream gamers.

8th Jun 2010, 02:03
In an interview with the artist, he talks about scaling down the graphics. It's a game that doesnt require photorealism, comparing it to a graphic novel, where everything in the game fits in its own little world (or BIG world i hope for this game).
He talked about how they are focusing on the characters faces etc. One of the biggest parts of the game has been confirmed the conversation system, where you are going to have to judge a response not just by what an NPC says; but sometimes from facial movement, expressions and body language.
That my friend, is some serious stuff that i have yet to see in a game. This aint gonna be a some namby panby Bioware rpg where you have 'good response', 'neutral response', 'bad response'. It's gonna be much more than that.
(least that is what i think)

In my opinion, the overall graphical style evokes such a substance that the question of 'good graphics' needn't be asked. You're gonna be so immersed in the world that you wont care the characters shoelaces arn't as good as they would be in Crysis. If the released screenshots are of the console game then i have to say i'm still impressed. The PC version can only look better.

8th Jun 2010, 02:07
And for animation I found this scan.

8th Jun 2010, 03:29
looks like icarus drop. sry double post

hem dazon 90
8th Jun 2010, 03:43
True I feel the same way about the graphics. Hopefully they will ward off the mainstream gamers.

its this kind of isolationism that is alienating gamers every day

8th Jun 2010, 03:49
Nah its different, mainstream people are usually console players who've never heard of Deus Ex, don't have patience for RPGs, and play w/e game everyone else plays (CoD)

8th Jun 2010, 03:52
the screenshots from Deus Ex.pl that look a little dated

They look fine to me.

hem dazon 90
8th Jun 2010, 03:56
I just introduced a "mainstream player" to deus ex an she has fallen in love with it.

just because they don't seem to like those kinds of games dosn't mean they won't

8th Jun 2010, 04:00
You realize the original Deus Ex is what converted a lot of mainstream gamers and had them explore other genres right?

Don't be stupid.

hem dazon 90
8th Jun 2010, 04:15
I couldn't tell you I was 5 when DX first came out.

8th Jun 2010, 08:42
just because they don't seem to like those kinds of games dosn't mean they won't

Yeah, they must be bored already of stupid FPS shooters when the only things u do is: shooting, moving and crouching behind cover.:D

8th Jun 2010, 09:21
just because they don't seem to like those kinds of games dosn't mean they won't

Exactly the point I keep trying to make when people say "they've had to streamline games nowadays or else they won't sell." If the only thing on a restaurant's menu is salad, then ordering salad doesn't mean you wouldn't like steak.

[EDIT] Sorry, to stay on topic: I think the graphics are fine. Sure, they're not industry leading, but they're perfectly good enough for me.

8th Jun 2010, 09:53
Exactly, I don't care that this game isn't as pretty as some new shiny graphics showcase, that's not an important point to me. they are fine.

8th Jun 2010, 10:02
Hardly. I play Dwarf Fortress and that's done entirely with ASCII art. But that doesn't detract from the enjoyment in playing the game. Oh no. Actually, if you haven't played it, do so now. But point in case here, you don't need gfx to have an entertaining game. I'm sure the graphics will be great, but that's not my primary concern. As long as they look at least on par with todays standards, it'll be fine.

8th Jun 2010, 14:14
The only time I get really demanding of my graphics, is for straight shooter types. But a game with heavy RPG elements like Deus Ex, the visuals just need to be serviceable. And the screens I've seen are more than enough.

That said, nice graphics and nice design do go a long way toward that cherry atop your delicious sundae. Mass Effect 2's visuals really complimented its great gameplay.