View Full Version : Ideas for new envirenments

7th Jun 2010, 13:52
The environments in this game must include Southern Ireland and an Indian reservation in North America (with regards to the natives of course).

As for the British Isles, somewhere in Northern England, Wales or Scotland.

Feel free to add more ideas.

7th Jun 2010, 18:23
I would like to see more use of England if I'm honest... we have some very, very brilliant environments and views and it'll be great to see them used more within different types of stories.:D

Max 28
8th Jun 2010, 04:48
We had quite a good thread about where we'd like Tomb Raider games to go in the world. :)


13th Jun 2010, 14:24
should be more historical, more puzzles, hidden relics(a lot of them), more action, places in the woods, temples, caves, and waterfalls, certainly should have the croft manor
India, Brazil, Egypt, an European bank. The game should be greater

little miss Ju
17th Jun 2010, 15:59
Being honest I don't really want to see Tomb Raider in England again. For me it's just too boring. The environments are too... developed. I'd prefer to see Lara in ancient tombs and caves etc. For me these provide a more interactive environment and the developers can be more imaginative with the gameplay. I'd like to see Lara in India or somewhere similar. Perhaps Africa and although Japan isn't really ancient I'd like to see Lara there again as well but that's purely to provide a more modern environment to contrast with the ancient tombs I'd like to see.

17th Jun 2010, 18:43
Lara please visit Oxford, kyoto, York,Edinburgh,Venice would be nice too.

All these places have alot of potential. And beautiful/interesting achitecture that she could work her legs around.

24th Sep 2010, 05:01
South Africa, Japan, Alaska, New Zeland, Iceland and just because... would love to see a portal to another planet with super awesome new sci fi elements.