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7th Jun 2010, 10:20
Flashgamesmart a proficient international Gaming organization providing 2D game development services distributing a wide variety of games on major online Gaming Sites.
The success of our industry hinges on the ability to integrate the best from all regions to delivering exciting and revolutionary entertainment games to our customers. Games are developed for expressing one's creativity Well-made games bring profit more easily.
FlashgamesMart Specializes in Creating Custom made games according to your themes in the following Categories,
* Dress up
* Cooking
* Recipe
* Escape
* Maze
* Kissing
* Swing set
* Hidden Objects
* Hidden Numbers
* Hidden Alphabets
* Mind Games
* Physics Games
* Skill Games
One can Buy games at Flashgamesmart with no complications all you have to do is get registered choose your game make the payment and we will deliver the source file within 24Hrs Exclusive Games at www.flashgamesmart.com
Get your Logo and Loader incorporated in any game you choose making it Exclusive.
We support 24hrs a day 7 days a week providing quality customer Service
Send your Enquiries to sales@flashgamesmart.com

7th Jun 2010, 14:22
Oh boy oh boy oh boy i can't wait the moderators goes all lynch on your ass ...

*prepares popcorn* ...

7th Jun 2010, 17:02
Let me help a little here instead !!

You can search for GameMaker on google, its a nice/cheap way to get startet with makeing games, and has a nice buildt in language to.

There is BlitzBasic(not cheap) also very nice, for us old school people.

There is free, and easy way to get startet in most programming language, both in jave, python, hmm and lots of others, my best advice is chose on and stick with it ;-), make easy games to get better.

8th Jun 2010, 07:59
Oh boy oh boy oh boy i can't wait the moderators goes all lynch on your ass ...

*prepares popcorn* ...
Don't forget the drinks!

8th Jun 2010, 10:11
i make my own games... why the heck would i need someone like you??