View Full Version : MISC. Congratulations guys

28th Mar 2014, 00:39
Unfortunately didn't get a beta key but joined the Founders Package through Steam and I just want to say how you've made an excellent game.

I was skeptical at first, I love the LOK franchise and thought this would be a cash in, almost like EA did with Dungeon Keeper, well nothing could be that bad.

However I think the game is excellent. As a Vampire I really feel like a predator, stalking my victims, powerful but not to powerful. As a Human, I feel incredibly vulnerable when I'm on my own and team work really is the key to survival.

All in all well done. I really hope people play this and get curious about the older titles so that this franchise can get some momentum going again.

28th Mar 2014, 01:29
Welcome to the forums!

Thanks for your feedback, I am glad that you enjoy the game so far :) yeah, I think it captures those feelings nicely and gameplay is very addicting :)

29th Mar 2014, 03:26
I was willing to judge the game based on what it was instead of what it wasn't. I find myself also completely pleased. It feels like it fits the world well enough. It's in an era that I agreed had so much potential story. And most importantly it's really fun. I grew too impatient waiting for a beta key so I tossed in some money to support the game.