View Full Version : Darksiders?

6th Jun 2010, 01:25
So who here has played through Darksiders? This game felt like SR to me in the open, non linear aspect of the gameplay. War's shadowflight looked and felt like Raziel's glide. The puzzles were quite intuitive as, well, along with some good combat. I've also spoke before about the idea of Kain evolving wings now that he is healed- I realize keeping wings on a character could possibly wreak havok on the design/fluid character movement. The way that War's shadowflight wings just burst/appeared out of his back seemed like that woudl solve the problem of altering Kain's model too much. I personally liked the how Darksiders also let you slot different magic at one particular time, similar to how BO allowed you to have different magic/items in use while playing. If necessary based on the situation, you can slot different magic/abilities in the gear slots. I really hope any new LOK game gets back to an open environment (similar to SR1) and expands on the combat (again- Darksiders had new intuitive fluid combat, along with camera control similar to SR1). I hope eidos/SE takes a cue from this game when considering the next installment, along with maintaining a heavy storyline (which like Darksiders, hopefully has side quests that tie into the story/previous LOK games- like in SR1 how you could find Nupraptors retreat from BO).