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5th Jun 2010, 14:25
Why do we always get to look around, when we are hiding in a 3rd person cover game..., i would love to see the camera zoom in behind/next to the player so that he could only look the sides, and was only able to look out when he was peaking out from cover.

here is a image just to help the idear a little


The top picture is the "normal" 3rd person view
and the on below is the camera close up, in cover.

short, i dont want a "over-bird-view" when im in cover ;-)

5th Jun 2010, 15:16
I know exactly what you mean , in fact i already ranted about this back in december with a couple other people ...

But i guess it's like the 'two guns only' thing , as long as one game doesn't break the trend , we're always going to see the same bird's eye view camera for a long time ...

5th Jun 2010, 15:36
That could be a cool idea. It will make gunfights much harder. I find most of the time people use that camera to find out where people are and then line up the center of the screen so when they do pop out, they are already aimed at them.

5th Jun 2010, 15:45
Not to mention there's nothing realistic of having a full view of the scenery by hiding behind a cover ...

5th Jun 2010, 16:23
I saw some fotage from K&L dog days, i think its the last gameplay from the welcome to shanhai clip, there is a shootout where the camera is very low, almost in line with the cover - nice

But i would love a game, with "real" cover - the reason i thought of it, was that it would have fit nicely with the kane&lync camera