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5th Jun 2010, 01:18
You know how almost every single game you play ends in a total anti-climax, even if the story is good and the last level is simply amazing.

Its not a fault of the game itself, but it is a fault of how endings in games are structured: with credits (like a movie). So you spent 30 hours on this game, and then after the final (and extremely awesome) endboss (and cutscene) you are finally shown the credits; and then the game just jumps back to the main menu. Now you sit there just thinking "that was it?, after 30 hours!". Sure, some new content may be unlocked, but the main game is still over and everything feels like an anticlimax.

But you know what videogame endings do not feel like an anti-climax: Startegy game skirmishes (against bots or players). This is becaue after all the build up, all the suspension, and then the last big battle and destroying the final boss (aka enemy command building) you are presented with an interesting aftermatch timeline and statistics. The idea is that we as players have not only invested a lot of time in this, but we have also made a lot of choices that reflect us as player; and we love to look back and see how we did.

So why not translate this into DXHR? That means: after the big boss and the awesome cutscene, and then after the credits, the game will not throw you back to the main menu - but to the aftermatch statistics instead. Here you can look at all kinds of information like how many you killed, KO'ed, how much time you used, what augmentations you got and at what point in the game etc etc. Both in terms of numeral statistics and a rendered timeline. Maybe also give you hidden awards for doing different stuff (Like the True Love award for convincing a bishop to marry you and a boxguard) and for choosing different paths (like the Boil-in-bag award for siding with the evil corporate company dedicated to advancements in rice technology). Also, while you are playing, the game could take pictures of awsome moments that happens to you, and then present a handful of them only when you completed the game and got to the Aftermatch screen. That way you could think back and say to yourself "ahhh yeah, that was really awesome when I did that". Of course, the timeline would be stored in a hall-of-fame page on the main menu, so that you can compare it to other playthroughs you do later.

The idea is that people invest a lot of hours in a game like this and it would be fun to get an overview of "how we did" once the game ends. Sure this is an trivial idea and not important in the long run, but it is not hard for EidosM to implement either. And it is a lot better than the popup achivements system (especaly since that one is not specific to you in the same way timelines and numbers are). The aftermatch statistics should be comprehensive however, and contain a lot of information on everything, so that people could spent as much or little time as they want with it. It would also be fun if a lot of interesting gimmicks regarding how the player played the game was implemented.

5th Jun 2010, 01:59
A summary of the choices made sounds good to me. Useful for reflecting on how well you played the character you wanted to. :)

5th Jun 2010, 02:14
Eh. Worked ok for FO3 (bad game) and Stalker: Call of Pripyat.

5th Jun 2010, 02:26
I think the statistics thing would be nice and honestly I kinda expect it to be there, it should be a standard. Now, about that picture idea...AWESOME idea! I think that would be a really nice thing to have and yeah, it would make you think about the whole journey you have gone on.

It would be a really nice touch to end the game with that, perhaps as the credits roll, different points of your playthrough would show up in the background, with slow fade ins and fade outs, along with the appropiate music. On different playthroughs, different parts would show up, showing the different outcomes of stuff. All of your choices shown. Damm. That would be a neat way to wrap things up.

St. Mellow
5th Jun 2010, 02:30
That's not gonna solve the whole anti-climax debacle, but it is a vintage feature that the industry seems to be increasingly rare these days. Would be nice to have.

5th Jun 2010, 02:39
Yes, it would be very nice. Especially if a few silly statistics are thrown into the mix. "Dumpster dives performed: 48".

5th Jun 2010, 02:47
A summary of game statistics would be interesting. if i was presented with game statistics afterwards, i might even play the game through again, changing the way i play, and being more conscious of my decisions, or to improve my statistics.

i'd been thinking, that since this game is a prequel to deus ex, you can't really have en ending cutscene that shows the results of your decision, but after watching the trailer, i thought up an interesting idea. what if instead of the ending showing what happens after, what if the ending showed what kind of person you were before whatever accident tore off your arms (i'm totally just guessing that happens from what i saw in the trailer). maybe it wouldn't work in the games storyline, but it's a cool idea anyways.

5th Jun 2010, 05:40
Metal Gear Solid games do this to a certain extent. Sorta summarize KO's/Kills/Weapons Preferred/Continues/Completion Time/etc. But i'd love to Deus Ex 3 do all this in conjunction with a savable "narration" of the choices you made and the outcomes. Something you can store in the games database and then collect different versions via separate play-throughs. Then you can load them up at any time to revisit previous games and what you did. Even if its just a text document of sorts that custom prints out the story summary based on how you handled it.

Maybe you can also earn distinct titles for each play-through to help you distinguish between your recorded game completions; like "Paragon" "Renegade" "Sneaky Bastard" or even "JC Prototype".

5th Jun 2010, 06:23
A lot of games with multiple-choice plotlines do this, but with a cinematic instead of a stat page. I believe Dragon Age ended with a little slide-show showing what the consequences of your various choices were. I'm fairly sure they'll do something similar to that in Human revolution... impossible to tell, obviously.

Still, I would really love it if Deus Ex came up with a Stat-page everytime I played through it. I wonder if there's a mod somewhere...

5th Jun 2010, 06:31
If a game ends well, then a credit sequences does not make it anti-climatic... least not to me.

I wouldn't mind a thorough stats spread that plays alongside the credits and the end music. It would certainly give you something more to look at than a bunch of names.

5th Jun 2010, 06:51
Haha, this reminds me of MGS4, I died quite alot on my first playthrough, despite being stealthy, I got the corpse camo, rofl. I wouldn't mind carrying over stuff like guns and augs, though that would make the game a bit too easy...

5th Jun 2010, 06:56
I approve and also I'd like to have things available after 2nd and 3rd playthroughs unlocked which would motivate me to play the game again.

5th Jun 2010, 07:12
If a game ends well, then a credit sequences does not make it anti-climatic... least not to me.

I wouldn't mind a thorough stats spread that plays alongside the credits and the end music. It would certainly give you something more to look at than a bunch of names.

Yup, that.

Also I liked very much the way TNM ended. Showing the consequences in the world after the choices you made.

5th Jun 2010, 07:23
i think i'd go a step further and say that i'd like to see boss battles removed from games. At least the typical ending boss battle where you have to kill him 3 times in 3 different ways. It's been done to death, and doesnt make the ending anymore interesting.

If the writers and developers can come with a more interesting way to end the game, i think it would be more satisfying than your typical boss battle ending. Batman arkham asylum suffered from this problem, and most games do. Batman was fantastic until the end. the joker turns into just any other boss and you have to kill him a few times until he flops over, the game suddenly ends and thats it. That kind of ending is really unsatisfying because a) the joker would never turn himself into a gigantic monster to directly fight batman. b) its a cop out to just present us with the same old finale. Fallout 3 had a pretty bad ending. One that was infuriating because of how anti climactic and nonsensical it was. especially if you had a certain character with you. Deadspace is another example. I thought that game felt scary and exciting throughout until you get to the last few levels. Then it feels like youre too powerful, youre no longer presented with new necromorphs, and levels look kind of the same by that point. The finale is incredibly disappointing because realy all you do is fight a gigantic worm thing in the same fashion that a mario game might present to you. at least the very ending cinematic was kind of neat, but come on. do game developers really lack any sort of imagination?

Deus ex is bound to have the different choices ending and i found in the previous two games that that was a lot cooler than most games i've played. That's the nature of the series. But if deus ex could go one step further some how, i think a lot of people would be willing to put this as a classic instead of just another cool game (so long as the game turns out to be good). the interviews mention lots of stuff about multipath gameplay and what not so i'm not too worried. but still, the video had these anime stylings which had their moments of being ever so slightly over the top. i also really dislike anime for anything outside of comedy.

oh by the way i'm totally up for some sort of overview of how you played the game. maybe even some sort of file that gets exported, that shows your stats and what not. export it as an html file and make it accessible ingame as well. it would be cool if they showed you what choices you ignored and the resulting areas that were blocked off because of those choices.

[edit] I'd like to add that i really hope that the game doesnt end up being really preachy about a particular political or economic view. i really hope the endings have vastly different choices for how to shape the world. ala the different ones deus ex had, like the abolitionist libertarian option, overseer option, and continuation of the illuminati. it was nice that each one had some morally shady implications as well.

5th Jun 2010, 07:33
Yes, Arcanum had this sort of narrative at the end, a slideshow movie with voiceover that was unique to every player based on a big number of choices you did during the game. And as you guys tell me other games have this as well. This could be really fun and something I would like to see, but I would also like a comprehensive statistic page that is savable; so that I feel I got something "physical" (hah) out of playing through the game.

Would also be really cool if EidosM had some self irony and included statistics like "Time spend waiting for health to regenerate" :D

And I agree with japface very much, a final "haha, try to kill me" boss type of thing has been done to death. The last level should IMO be a very big, complex, interesting, time limited situation where everything is a bit confusing and stressful, and where every outcome of that situation is considered an ending: maybe even death.

5th Jun 2010, 12:41
I'm a sucker for this kind of thing, especially if you can also access the information in game. A group of friends and I on another forum had a long running competition to see who could get the highest fall without dying in Spider-Man 2, simply because the stat was there in the menu. Good days!

7th Jun 2010, 08:22
Personally, most of these ideas sound great to me. I'm reminded of the ending to Fable II, myself;


At the end of Fable II, when you finally get your hands on the bad guy, well...he's just a person, and you're a fully leveled badass, and you just shoot him in the face and he died. I liked the suddenness of it, the surprise.


I love endgame stats, especially random ones. I'm reminded of the GTA games, to a degree, when I think of this. I also agree with more unlocks after beating it once, twice, thrice, and whatnot, sort of like a single-player prestige.

Some sort of online...I dunno, like a leaderboard but without leaders...I guess 'peerboard' would be the word, a place where I could compare my stats with those of my friends, not to see who's better per se, but to see what we all did.

If certain choices eliminated story elements and added others, then of course, you'd have to be able to select the "No Spoilers' option.

7th Jun 2010, 17:08
Hmmm, showing stats is fine for lighthearted (sandbox) games, online shooters and some others; and i really like them. (Last i played and had this was Red Faction: Guerilla, but i liked it in GTA, Saint's Row, etc. as well as in Shattered Horizon, UT3, etc. and the whole GameTracker.com thing.) So it's good for pure games. But a DX experience should be more than just a game. When i'm facing my stats (self-reflection), it pulls me out of the immersion; or ruins the feeling of the experience i just had if it's shown after the credits (this was a bit of the case with System Shock 1). All in all, i'm against stat tracking in a DX game.

If it's something else that doesn't show me stats, and it's something like a narrative conclusion, it could be interesting though.

I experienced a lots of anti-climatic ending in games, but it wasn't the case in DX. Quite the contrary. If the pacing and the story is good enough and warps up fine, i don't need anything else for a good ending. (Well, perhaps it shouldn't drop me to main menu after the credits is over, just show some appropriate graphics or a pic and play a long enough looped music, and put me back to the main menu only if i push a button or something.)

7th Jun 2010, 18:36

My capslock cannot fully express how awesome having game statistics at the end would be, I fricking adore those. Please, please, please, can we have this?