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27th Mar 2014, 22:03
So I have to say I'm really disappointed and feel ripped off

First off, I opened one of my chests and got a temporary item, you haven't stated anywhere that those chests that I paid you a lot of money for would give items that expired, I probably wouldn't have paid you £90 had I known this

Secondly, I'm having huge framerate issues on the lowest settings, as soon as I come into contact with any of the Reaver's grenades or any of the Alchemist fire abilities my frame rate plumets to the point where controlling the game becomes very unreliable, Tyrant charges simply stop, and if an Alchemist framethrowers me then I have to just spam the Feel no Pain button and hope that the ability actually activates to give me some sort of survival chance, because I'm certainly not going to be able to attack or go anywhere

This is notable because I'm using a PC that played Planetside 2 on Ultra with no issues before they did any of the optimisation patches, and the drivers are fully up to date as of last night, I've uploaded my DXDiag with my beta application you can find it there

Normally I would be perfectly OK with performance issues in a beta, that's what its here for afterall, except for the fact that the expensive booster that I paid for started ticking down immediately rather than waiting for me to equip it

Now, this would be perfectly fine if the booster were for a stable and released game that I've had a chance to play and make sure works for me, but as it stands people have had to buy into these things for a potentially unstable beta game that they haven't had a chance to personally test. I feel that allowing players to choose when to start their 30 days would have been polite, so that we could wait for a point where we feel the game is stable enough for us to use what we've paid for

Again, there was no mention before purchase that the boost would start ticking immediately

What makes this even worse its that the boost is meant for sharing it's effects with friends, but the lobby system barely works, accepting a friend invite most of the time either does nothing or results in "Access to Nosgoth is currently unavailable" or something like that, so I can hardly play with the friends that I bought the boost to share with, that sort of bug is one that I would have liked to have waited for a fix for before activating my boost

Also there's that 5v3 issue, where whenever a team joins a game they tend to get assigned an extra player leaving the enemy a man down, or sometimes the team gets split up

I really didn't want to post this in a public place because it looks very bad on you and I want the game to have the best shot that it can possibly have, however you've not given me access to anywhere else to post this and have as such forced my hand

There isn't really an excuse for a company as big as Square to not be able to hand beta forum access to the right people, your technical guys should be well past that stage, so into public it goes

27th Mar 2014, 22:38

The items in the chests are not temporary in that they vanish after they run out of time. The timer only goes down with the actual time you spent in a match with it equipped, so they last a very long while. Also the item can be recharged using in-game gold or rune stones.

As for your framerate issues, I am not sure on it to be honest. I am able to run the game fine on medium to high settings, even with reaver grenades all over the place. Sometimes the latest drivers tend to cause issues (this happened to a friend of mine who updated his drivers before mine and got frame rate drops).

We're aware the boosters tick down, and are looking into possible alternative options to this, but no guarantees

Also please check if you have access to the closed beta forums now.


28th Mar 2014, 00:35
If something runs out and then becomes useless then it's temporary, irrespective of the conditions on the thing being depleted

If a company sells consumable items in a context where a buyer could reasonably assume they're getting something to last then they should make a reasonable effort to make sure that all buyers are informed of the item's consumable status before agreeing to the purchase

In this case, Square made it clear that the chests themselves were a consumable item, but also made the assurance that we'd get something else when those items were consumed, no mention was made of taking that thing away again at a later date and when I pay that much for virtual items I expect them to be permanent unless stated otherwise

A big reason that I bought the largest pack so that I could support Nosgoth, I'm not even interested in most of the other stuff in it, what's important to me is that Nosgoth is something I feel proud to shout about my support for and I have difficulty doing that when I think people are being mislead (intentionally or otherwise) about what they're paying for

All Square has to do to make this right is spell out for people buying the packages that the chests swap for consumable items and that the booster begins expiring immediately, obviously I would prefer the booster to start ticking when equipped but it's up to Square what deals they offer and if they believe that people will pay for those deals then they should have no issue with clearly stating what those deals contain

28th Mar 2014, 11:34
I'm with MordaxPraetorian on this. Things should be explained in more detail so that people can know exactly what they are purchasing and under which conditions will they be using what they are about to pay for.

Personally, I bought mine to support the idea of bringing the Legacy of Kain to life once more, so I don't really spend time evaluating if what I got in the Immortal Founder Bundle is a fair deal or not, I see it's content more as a bonus for showing my support. However, not everyone shares this point of view. Thus, all items in the Packs should be explained in full detail prior to purchase.

One example is describing the boosters on the Founders Packs (http://www.nosgoth.com/webstore/founders_packs) page: "Increases all experience & gold earned by MINOR for you & all teammates". This doesn't say it's 100% for the player and 25% for the team, also describing the MAJOR booster without the specifics i.e. 100% for the player and 50% for the team. And that this Booster will start the countdown immediately, equipped or not. These things really need to be addressed more in-depth.

I agree that these Packs are purely optional, but Square Enix should make sure that it's customers are well aware of what they are getting for their money, to avoid giving this game a bad reputation just because someone left out a few lines of text in describing the items put up for sale. http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/images/icons/icon3.png

28th Mar 2014, 23:44
This issue isn't going to go away

I'm happy with my purchase of the consumable chests now that the mechanic has been explained but that explanation still really needs to happen before purchase, even your support team could only link me to a thread on the closed beta forums where it can't be seen before purchase

Also a suggestion for the booster, why not replace it with a consumable tag thing that can be used to spawn the booster when the player is ready for it?