View Full Version : Can't view threads - Didn't receive Level 10 Class Token

27th Mar 2014, 19:51
So, i just leveled up to level 10 hoping to be able to play the scout now, but didn't receive my token
I'd had liked to search for solutions but i can't view any of the "moved" threads
I already did everything you guys said -> logging out, clearing cache and logging back on
Didn't help

Can anyone help me with this - both the Forum and the Token problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

(didn't noticed i posted this to GD - opened a new one in the Help Forum
I don't know how to delete this thread, sorry)

27th Mar 2014, 19:53
Also having the forum problem, there is a lot of feedback that I'd like to leave

Can't encourage my friends that I gave keys to to leave feedback if they can't see the beta forum either

I can only conclude that no actual feedback is desired atm

28th Mar 2014, 22:01
I'm also having the forum issue. I saw a post to message the admin, but apparently I can't PM them either. Fun times.

28th Mar 2014, 22:35
Look here: http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=11641&page=2&p=93406#post93406

28th Mar 2014, 22:44
but apparently I can't PM them either.

It says I don't have the right permissions or such. Also the link in the post that you linked to:

Results in a 'page not found'

You should link to this one:

Which does work:

But still says I don't have permissions to access that page.

28th Mar 2014, 23:09
Weird, I clicked on my link and it works...

29th Mar 2014, 13:36
The bad news are: I seem to not have permission to pm an admin or a mod, i also cannot see the access to closed beta forums.

The GOOD news: I seem to have all that i was supposed to get with the Immortal founder's pack purchase and today,
i finally have the invite codes. Rejoice!

29th Mar 2014, 13:41
Glad to hear about the invites :) I´ll ask our admin about the forum problem.

31st Mar 2014, 14:09
Ok, the issues seems to have been solved for now. :)

31st Mar 2014, 19:18
hey - i have the same problem. i Cant see the beta forum and cannot msg a mod :/

31st Mar 2014, 19:40
Razihel2 - post one more and you can PM Xenonetix after that.