View Full Version : Just cause 2 is Blocked By group policy

30th May 2010, 10:43
Hello guys well i finally upgraded to windows 7 and i intalled a fresh copy of JC2 and everything went fine but when i lauch the game i get a error window saying that : THIS program is blocked by Group policy contact admin bla bla ...
I am Logged under admin account and i have UAC disabled i even messed with the registry and stopped the Group policy service from booting up BUT i still get the error.I reinstalled several times in different locations but no luck. :(
I googled it and i found out lots of ppl are having this probleme and i found no solutions :(
Please guys help me i spent like 200 bucks to play this game :(
Even tho i think its not an error related to my config here it is just in case:
Intel core 2 duo 2,6ghz X2
2Gb ram
Nvidia Geforce 9400 gt 1gb
Win 7 ultimate
I hope i get to play this game very soon i cant wait i even sent my XP to the graveyard for it

Eidos Support
10th Jun 2010, 13:20
What modifications to Windows have you made? We have found that those who use modifications to remove core Windows features such as parental controls and UAC etc rather than just disabling them encounter this issue. We have also seen it occur when people use "certain unofficial versions" of Windows.