View Full Version : Villains Challenge is really Scarecrow DEM BONES bonus map

28th May 2010, 23:31
The recently released "Villain Challenge" map on Games for Windows LIVE that I paid $4.99 to get enought points for is in reality the "Scarecrow's Nighmare / DEM BONES" bonus map that came with the game for people who pre ordered through Gamestop.

No mention of this rebranding appears anywhere in the Windows LIVE marketplace advertising for it. In fact the phrasing of the advertise DELIBERATELY GOES OUT OF IT'S WAY NOT TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT SCARECROW AT ALL. I find this to be intentional and fraudulent misleading advertisement and I would like to have any of the rest of you who have been burned by this fire off a complaint to Warner Interactive, Windows LIVE, the FTC and Better Business Bureau, not to mention post this warning like mad to any and all relevant game user boards.

I purchased this game for myself and loved it so much I bought another for a friend for Christmas. This is horrific treatment for customer loyalty. It's not the dollar amount it's the principle involved in fraudulent or misleading advertising that HAS TO STOP in entertainment and multi media. The practice of double dipping is just rampant and it's really disrespectful to the people who loyally shell out their hard earned bucks to enjoy the thousands and thousands of hours of work the artists / programmers and designers have put into this game. It leaves a sully on their product and a sour taste in my mouth.

It's not like this game was hurting for sales or anything...(or Warner Brothers or Windows LIVE is hurting for money...)

Who is responsible for this advertising and where can I direct my ire?

29th May 2010, 18:20
what did you think the villians map was?

29th May 2010, 19:20
Did you REALLY think that the villians map pack was Joker's maps?

29th May 2010, 19:30
Honestly thought it would be a fighting map where all the thugs looked like the various main villains from the game.

In any case, it's a deliberate misdirection. It's like repackaging the White Album in a black cover and just calling it "Another Beatles Album" without having any track listings on the side.

Not only is there no mention of Scarecrow, there is not even the normal screen capture or 2 from the level to entice you to buy it. To me, this all adds up to intentional misdirection, potentially fraudulent advertising which is actually illegal.

At the very least, it is no way for makers of this game to treat their loyal customers.

29th May 2010, 22:42
I'm not sure if I should call you a noob or put a face palm. Rocksteady had nothing to do with missleading it was your misunderstanding. you could of atleat looked up the map in google or youtube.

29th May 2010, 23:09
I agree that the makers of the game had nothing to do with the advertising of this on Windows LIVE marketplace, which is why my original post ends with a question wondering who did? At the very least it should also serve as a warning to others not to buy the item if they already have the DEM BONES map.

And get this, Mr. cracker jack gamer expert...I may be a noob, but a lot of people out there are not hard core gamers and shouldn't have to have to do so much research and vetting of product. The level should have had the word SCARECROW in it, not just VILLAIN. It is DELIBERATE MISDIRECTION.

In this country we have consumer protection laws. Whenever you see a movie / dvd for sale that is a re-issue of an older film with a new title they are required to mention as such on the packaging... Sorry I'm just a noob and and not game elitist like yourself.

30th May 2010, 08:31
But $4.99 ain't that much though . Next time when your buying a DLC map for a game check google for it if it's worth it.

30th May 2010, 21:06
I completely agree Scarecrow...it's not that much which is why whoever was in charge of marketing / advertising thought they could get away with it.

But it's about the principle. One of the teachers I work with purchased a computer and was supposed to get a $90 rebate on a printer if she purchased them together. The sales person, unfortunately, rang her up as an educational "institution" purchase rather than an "educator" purchase and the rebate was declined (since the fine print said educational institutions were excluded)

She waged a 6 month battle with this computer company, easily eating up far more of her time than the $90 was worth, and literally went right up the VP of Marketing and Sales who admitted she shouldn't have to pay for the store salesperson's error. They eventually actually gave her a brand new, MUCH nicer printer for her trouble.

She told me, it wasn't the ninety dollars, it was the principle. It was wrong, or shoddy businesses, and it just shouldn't be tolerated, no matter the price.

I realize there are "shades of gray" in these instances, but I was often advised by very wise people to always walk in the whitest of white, if you even have to ask yourself whether one of your actions could even be construed as being unethical or mean spirited than it's best to avoid them.

How about when a major electronics retailer was showing side by side comparisons of DVD to Blu-Ray movies (to sell sets and players) and the DVD's looked aweful (naturally). Look behind the case and you would find the Blu-Ray players hooked up with component cables and the DVD hooked up with a single composite cable. Did they "lie"- no not really? Were they unethical in their presentation. Absolutely, and lost a lawsuit because of it.

Had the retailers here, simply said, the SCARECROW NIGHTMARE CHALLENGE MAP and posted a single image from it...no problem. They wouldn't even have had to acknowledge it was previously a free bonus item. It is the deliberateness with which the person(s) preparing the copy on the material, hid it's identity from the consumers that is truly wrong here. I feel that had ample opportunity to honestly solicit their product and they willfully chose not to do so. It's a small amount of money, but it belies a darker, greedier nature underneath.

Too often companies will be tempted to rely on marketing "tricks" rather than honest advertising to make a quick buck. Surprisingly even successful companies do this, as the value of a good customer relationship increasingly has been thrown out the door in favor of this quarter's profit statement. Our entire U.S. economy has been brought to the brink of collapse because of these practices. Case in point, bad lending in the housing market. Each individual home didn't cause the collapse, but bad lending practices became the acceptable norm. The rationalization of "it's necessary to stay competitive" is beginning to be a very wearisome refrain. Like doping in sports.

When a majority of people measure themselves against others and find it's o.k. to just be "like folks" (as Screwtape would say) then the whole meaning of "good" and "evil", right and wrong, starts being changed along with it. Greed gets a chance to reset cultural expectations and definitions in it's favor. If you've ever paid for a ticket in certain countries you know that it is common practice to pay the officer there on the spot. When I send materials to my artist in another country, I have to also wire him cash so he can get it out customs, for what he calls "ransom". I was skeptical at first, but confirmed this with a couple of major shipping companies.

It all matters, even the smallest thing...

31st May 2010, 13:59
Well atleast you can get the map my country isn't even eligable for Microsoft points.. :(

1st Jun 2010, 08:48
It's a neat looking map, but it basically runs like this...how long can you fight in an enclosed space against a bunch of skeletons who can't be killed and keep getting back up.

Oh, and not take a single hit.

Sort of fun, but can be a very frustrating map too. Neat to look at however...

2nd Jun 2010, 20:05
Lucky bastard :D

3rd Jun 2010, 13:02
I still haven't gotten this - haven't any Microsoft Points :(.

6th Jun 2010, 03:48
Scarecrow / Freeze, if I could gift you my Windows LIVE points I would....what country are you in Scare?

6th Jun 2010, 06:54
Latvia, which is in Europe. Do you need to know my user name too?