View Full Version : Fluctuating game speed

27th May 2010, 00:23
This is an issue I noticed a while ago, but I wasn't sure if it is a bug, or just the way the game is made. However, today the update for theHunter came out, and I noticed the exact same problem in it.

The game simply slows down at random intervals for 1-2 seconds, regardless of FPS. It's pretty noticeable when you're running, due to irregular footstep sounds, or when looking around, because the mouse suddenly feels less responsive.
In theHunter it's very noticeable on the scrolling message bar at the bottom of the screen.

Now, the good thing is, I have found the source of the problem. I have an Athlon 64 X2 CPU, during the game, I Alt-Tabbed and changed the affinity to only one core, and sure enough, this fixed the problem, but obviously also influenced the performance. I decided to look a bit further and uninstall the AMD Dual core optimizer. After rebooting I started up the game and the issue was gone without touching the core affinity.

Ironically, the DCO is actually supposed to prevent things like this from happening, but I don't think I remember it actually doing anything in any game, particularly UE3 games that supposedly crash on X2 processors without it, but in practice crash with it too.

So for now the issue is "fixed", however there still remains the question of why it happens.