View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts and the Thought of Other Worlds

27th Mar 2014, 18:21
Hello. I've only became a fan of Kingdom Hearts very recently. I'm super excited for 2.5 remix, as well as KHIII. Anyways, to get to the point, Kingdom Hearts has made me realize that there's so much more than just our universe; far off in distant universes there are hundreds more planets, stars, universes, galaxies, you name it! Some we probably know of from books, video games, anime, TV shows, and lots more while others are yet to be discovered. The Kingdom Hearts universe is one of such universes. I personally hope to see one of these universes for myself, even our world is very far away from getting that technology. However, I feel that as long as our world believes in other universes, they'll smile on us and open to us slowly. Kingdom Hearts taught me that. I have to thank Tetsuya Nomura, the manga artist Shiro Amano, as well as the entire Kingdom Hearts team for sparking this strong belief I have. The story may only be what we know of their universe, but beyond the codes there's so much more.

(sorry if this sounds crazy or weird or something. I get really deep into what I'm saying sometimes, and it eventually turns into an internet speech.)

27th Mar 2014, 21:38
I totally agree. Rock on, dude.