View Full Version : ABILITIES Sentinel bug: Extra items in inventory (w/video)

27th Mar 2014, 15:08
I looked at my loadouts for sentinel earlier this morning and noticed that I had doubles of the baseline abilities. NOT extra green versions of the abilities or anything like that, but duplicates in my loadout.


I also forgot to record that there are also two of each ability in my inventory, it's pretty weird.

2nd Apr 2014, 23:50
I also have the same issue but with the scout. For me it was because I unlocked the scout with a class token and some time later I bought the Immortal Bundle which also unlocks the class. I think the reason you have duplicates might be the same.

15th May 2014, 17:50
Same here, with the Scout, I mean.
Now I've got the default armor and weapon twice and can't delete them.
A refund of the unlock artifact would be sweet, but simply deleting those pointless duplicates would be good enough for me.