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20th May 2010, 00:09
From what was to be seen so far in terms of actual gameplay footage (I'm talking the Gamespot video interview), stuff looks great, but there's one thing that bothers me: The HUD elements. It's not that they look bad per se, they just feel - partially - a little incongruous with the overall look of the game. While they seem visibly orientated on the YouTube corporate design, they clash with the "corporate design" of the game itself.

For an instance, the colour red shouldn't be there (with the exception of the bloodstains on the virtual lens, of course), but swapped for the ubiquitous pink we are so familiar with. Also, the bulky ammo gauge could be reduced to simply the clip bar and the stock counter next to it - Just take a look at the slick interface of Splinter Cell: Conviction or the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Same goes for the player hit indicator, which could be smaller and, again, should be kept in the game's key colour - pink. Even better would be dumping this element entirely and instead simply apply some artifacts at the edge of the screen indicating the direction from where the player is shot (similar to Uncharted 2).

All in all, I think the HUD should make the game look like it was part of its very own livestream web TV channel, matching the design of the official K&L2 website, this forum and, supposedly, the in-game GUI.

Have a look at QOOB.TV (http://it.qoob.tv/) and you'll probably get a rough idea of where I'm coming from.

20th May 2010, 00:59
I too think the glossy HUD clashes with the low-fi camera effects. I wish the HUD was stylized like a digital camera's HUD (see my mock-up) or a CCTV screen as seen in the multiplayer trailers (similar look). I thought the artifact effect already showed the enemy's position, but if it's random then IOI should definitely make it directional if it isn't already.

My HUD mock-up.
A [quick sliding] diagonal pink line would be my idea for auto-saving and injecting the pink flare in the game.

20th May 2010, 01:04
Not bad, but I rather thought of something actually looking like part of a web streaming platform, but NOT YouTube.

26th May 2010, 18:28
Yeah, the HUD in the gamespot video. Does it have to be in the middle of the screen? I thought IO were going for a gritty realistic visual style, the X A X X A face button commands and the enemy locator detract from that.

Nice idea to make the HUD look like something off a camera Bionicicide, shame someone in the focus group didn't mention it.

5th Jun 2010, 12:42
What i'm wondering about is that countdown that appears on the top center ...

Considering how i like to take my time and enjoy a game by watching the scenery , looking for easter eggs and all that , it can be a bit troublesome if i absolutely had to complete the game in a set amount of time ...

Though it does create that 'sense of urgency' i was talking about a few months back ...