View Full Version : MISC. Where are the patch notes?

27th Mar 2014, 11:27
Not quite sure where to post this, so figured i'd start here.

Does anyone know where the March 26 patch notes are posted, or even better, where i can reliably find Nosgoth Patch notes? they seem to be conspicuously abscent.

27th Mar 2014, 11:54
Yeah, they havenĀ“t been posted yet.

27th Mar 2014, 11:59
+1 for making that thread. I'm also waiting for some patch notes.

27th Mar 2014, 12:09
hmm... i suspected they might not have been, though honestly that is rather concerning.

I mean how are we supposed to test the game effectively, if we aren't informed of changes to the game?

Kinda makes it hard to focus your efforts and take changes into account when considering suggestions...

This smells of a rushjob to get the founders pack out, and if there's one thing i've learned working in IT, it's that rushing never works out in the long run...

27th Mar 2014, 12:29
I would love to have some patch notes as well. Could we make this part of the normal release process? Ideally I would like to see patch notes before the patch.

Thanks so much.

27th Mar 2014, 12:33
mm, i may be mistaken, but isn't that normally standard procedure for games?

27th Mar 2014, 12:57
Yes it is, I have no idea why they haven't come up yet. They have come up all the previous weeks. Even if they plan to have another "hotfix" patch, they should just post the current patchnotes and expand the original post with hotfix changes.

27th Mar 2014, 16:05
I promise there will be Patch Notes listed for Tuesday's update. Apologies for the delay.

UPDATE: Ok, these patch notes will be delivered along with the next update. Primarily, the only update on Tuesday was the In-Game Founders Bundle Update, but there were a few other things (such as the 3 new abilities) which were due to be released with an update next week, but happened to slip through in this instance. As such, we will patch the game probably at some point over the next week, and make sure to give full Patch Notes for both dates at that time. :)

28th Mar 2014, 16:30
Between match-making and region select bugs, the game has been damn near unplayable. It seems like I've got a 20% chance (at best) at getting into an actual 4v4 NA game.