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18th May 2010, 15:03
The game looks pretty much like Diablo/Titan Quest/Torchlight. Of course here we have more platformer and puzzle elements, but, I'm wondering about the control scheme on PC... because I think mouse control could fit very well.

I hope we can decide play with mouse/keyboard, only mouse or gamepad.

18th May 2010, 15:40
I think when you use a gamepad, the left analog stick will be for moving the character around and the right analog for aiming. I am guessing the right trigger will be shooting, as always. There must be a button for jump, probably A (XBOX) as usual, roll (I saw her roll in the trailer, right after that big guy breaks through the wall) most likely O on the XBOX, grapple and an interact button to pick stuff up. I don't think they will change the grapple (X) and interact (Y). Now there are still a lot of buttons left: the D-pad, the left trigger and both 'bumpers' (shoulder buttons). I guess the D-pad will be for using medipacks, switching weapons and stuff (there are medipacks in the trailer). The right shoulder button will most likely be used for grenade throwing. Don't know yet about the others.

For the pc, I guess the mouse will be used for aiming and a mouseclick for shooting ('point and click', as usual).

Max 28
19th May 2010, 09:02
In the article posted in the other thread it said that weapons could be assigned to the D-pad for quick changing.

19th May 2010, 15:59
Yes, that article makes a lot of things clear. I also read somewhere that Lara picks up stuff by running over it.

13th Jun 2010, 14:27
hope they change to the original, Lara should have meele attacks
the classical camera would fix on it

16th Jun 2010, 02:34
probably not too different from underworld